Kamillosan stretch mark /C-section cream - V CHEAP IN BOOTS!

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RJR Posts: 962
Hi, Was just in Boots in Blanchardstown today (the one downstairs opposite Vision Express) and noticed they have Kamillosan Stretch Mark and C Section Souffle cream for €1.39 in the baby section (bottom shelf where all the creams are) It's got to be a mistake as it's usually much more expensive (GBP£11.25 on UK website [url:23yrh45z]http://www.kamillosan.co.uk/time-to-shop/[/url:23yrh45z]) - I bought some for a friend and it went through the till at €1.39 Thought I'd pass it on! RJR
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
thanks RJR, what is c section cream, does it heal the wound? I must send DH out for some as I am confined now having had a section last Wednesday, dying for my first post pregnancy outing to Blanch!
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
God that is seriously cheap! Was it just a mistake in this particular Boots or is it that price in all of them. My brother works in Boots, definitley must ask him to pick me up a few bottles!
RJR Posts: 962
doublel - it says it minimises scars from a C section - it has collagen and shea butter etc in it. Congrats on your babs and good luck getting out again kindanervous - Im not sure if it's in all boots or just that particular one but it's definitely a mistake!