Killarney wedding The Brehon v's The Malton - ADVICE please!

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AnnieD87 Posts: 10
Hi All, I am looking for advice/feedback on The Malton versus the Brehon for our wedding. We are currently living in Australia and will not be home until next year so will need to book the venue without viewing it ourselves. I am not from Kerry and have not attended a wedding in either venue. My partner is from Kerry and he has said that the Malton seems to be the most popular venue for weddings. Again he has not attended a wedding in either venue. From pictures I have looked at online the ballroom in the Malton has no windows which is one thing I am not too keen on but then I love the look of the hotel apart from that. The Brehon also looks good from the pictures I have seen online. Food is really important to us so this needs to be top notch!! The Brehon menu (Damara package) seems to have more of a choice compared to the Malton menu I was sent. One thing that I felt was a bit greedy with the Malton was it is a minimum 200 people for a wedding in June and from what I gather you pay for 200 guests regardless if 200 attend!! But we will get over this if its the best place for a wedding in Killarney! Any advice or feedback on your own wedding or a wedding you have attended in either of these venues would be much appreciated!! Feeling the pressure on the other side of the world P.S Planning a summer wedding Thanks a lot Annie :)
Lucky-In-Love Posts: 133
One of the main deciding factors will be the number of guests you have. Like you said the Malton have a minimum number of 200 and yes you do pay for 200 if you are below that. The Brehon on the other hand I think seats a maximum of 210 or 220! If you sit down and go through numbers this will probably make your choice for you. Both are beautiful hotels so I don't envy you making the decision. :duh:
AnnieD87 Posts: 10
Right now we have over 200 guests, but will have less on the day I'm sure with people not being able to make it! At the end of the day if the Malton is the better venue we will pay for the 200 even though I do think it is a bit greedy on their behalf. Decisions, decisions.... :duh: Does not help that we are the other side of the world!!! My sisters will visit both venues in the coming weeks. Hopefully I will hear from some more ladies in the mean time with feedback/advice. Thanks Lucky-In-Love for your message, much appreciated :)
Marrio Posts: 105
Hi there, This is a tough one but I must admit that I prefer the malton, I have been to a few weddings there and they have all been amazing, a friend of mine is getting married there next Saturday so if I will let you know how it goes although I am sure will be a great day. The food is always very good along with the service. The only thing I would consider if I were you is your numbers I wouldn't pay for 200 guests unless they are going to attend weddings are expensive enough without adding to the cost?? happy planning O-O
AnnieD87 Posts: 10
Thanks @Marrio for your comment.. Ya the more I think about it, no point paying for 200 if I am not guaranteed that number will come. Going to have a look at the guest list again and see where we stand. Ya let me know how the wedding goes but as you said it has a pretty good rep.. Have a great day and thanks again for advice!! A :)