KK Idea's for family?

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im waiting Posts: 2727
Can anyone give me idea's for KK presents for Family? Do you even know of any websites I could check, I'm sure theirs plenty out their but haven't a clue of any Your help would be much appreciated xxxx
katgirl Posts: 1258
hi it obviously depends on your budget but there are great unusual presents to get people on www.topgifts.ie
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
What kind of age groups are we talking about and whats the price limit-then I can get my thinking cap on for you! :o0 :wv
whitedaisy Posts: 761
it depends what you budget is... www.topgifts.ie is a good one!! or www.cdwow.ie are fairly reasonable for the likes of cd's books etc! I always think Concert tickets are a good pressie
im waiting Posts: 2727
Age group would be mid 20's to 60's. As matter of interest, what r u getting ur parents?
katgirl Posts: 1258
this year my mam had joined an evening art class in the local college with my aunt and she is really enjoying it, but art supplies are very expensive so i came up with the idea that between me, my sis and my bro were are getting her an esel, canvassas, paint brusses and oil paints and watercolour paints so she can paint at home and practice, im dying to see her face when we give it to her :o)ll my dad is always complaining about being cold so im getting him a big warm aaron jumber to keep him warm :o0
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
We've bought Mum a dressing gown she wanted-she told me where and how much and as a little extra, I bought her the latest Patrica Scanlon book and pure fluke, when we bought it last Sat in Swords-Patricia was book signing!! So it has a personal message to Mum from her! :-8 Dad just wants a Concern/Bothar donation, so we'll get him something else as well too. Hubbys parents will be a different story, FIL will be a load of short sleeved shirts-he'd be happy with a pair of socks! :o0 :o0 MIL is the toughie-anything less than €50 and in the words of hubby "she'd f**k it back in me face" Charming! He actually said that he wished his parents were like mine, as in cutting back on presents and only asking for small things. Mums dressinggown is only €8 in Dunnes but hubby said it was too cheap. I said it's what she wants and then we'd get her something else too.
Chancer Posts: 233
I recently bought some personalised calendars from photobox.ie got them delivered today and they're lovely. I filled them full of family photos that I know meant a lot, communions weddings etc and also filled in everyone's birthdays and anniversaries on the calendar. I'm very happy with them
katgirl Posts: 1258
what a lovely idea Chancer, god i know loads of people who would love that ill check out that website :thnk
littlechick Posts: 758
Try the website play.com I find them good, its free delivery. They do books, DVD, CD, clothes and loads more. :wv