Leaders Debate part two last night

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Heflen Posts: 4050
I would have thought I'd find a few threads on this topic by now, but instead I find the usual 'How smelly are your farts?' & 'How loud do you snore?' type threads... Anyone watch it? Comments?
*Muffin* Posts: 7243
I felt it was pretty much even stevens, but I think Bertie had the edge. I'm very much pro-Bertie, but my local FG candidates are much more pro-active than FF, so as much as it pains me, I'll be giving FG my number 1.
Heflen Posts: 4050
Neither of them got any clean punches in really, but as Bertie is the incumbent, with the inherent advantages, thats an Enda win for me.
bride. Posts: 3014
I thought Bertie handled the constant interruptions and cutting in by Enda very well. Go Bertie. I like Enda but I still don't see him as the country's leader.
nelly Posts: 1875
the quote for me was "it was Enda Kenny's to lose, and he didn't" Bertie was more polished and I am sorry is Enda Pat's secret half brother? 2 more wooden men i have yet to find in Ireland. I thought Bertie came out on top, but i prob will be voting ff because the guy in my area is good and if the sh1t hits the fan in the next term of office FF can't blame FG for making a hames of it. If FG will then i think FF will be a good opposition, better than FG and Labour were. MO'Call couldn't manage a debate if she tried and i was thinking half way though that they need bowman from Prime time to keep manners on 'em.
pluppy Posts: 3519
ahh missed it O:| have to say parties aside i like bertie, i agree about enda very wooden
Baby Tigger Posts: 3394
I watched it and got madder amd madder as Enda Kenny refused to answer the questions directly - instead constantly going back to his 'contract' with the people. Why didn't he answer te question abotu the tax and the top 3% of earners benefitting under the tax plans that he wants to bring in? Also I have to say that he made himself look like a muppet when he said that he was going to bring in an Ethics Act if elected and Bertie turned around and said well that is already in place and we have an ethics committee so why try to amend what has already been passed? Having said that Bertie didn't exactly light up the screen either and looked rather uncomfortable when talking about his personal finances. None of the really stood out as THE person who should lead our country and front the next government but I think Bertie has the edge and I just hope for the love of God that Enda Kenny doesn't win or I'll emigrate. BTW - just to add I am actually a Labour supporter, don't really have much time for Fianna Fáil but anyone is better than Enda Kenny.
sun flowers Posts: 3421
Dont like either party to be honest.. but better the devil you know the devil you dont I say... yes FF have made a few mistakes but Ireland is a better Ireland than what it was before FF took over... Enda seems to be abit of an idealist with his "contract" wasnt impressed with his handling of the garda issue and health... as bertie said it he wanted to raid the funds for more beds.. which would leave the cancer patients etc without services.. Bertie also pointed out the FG didnt have the money to put more garda on the street...
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
I dont know why but I dont feel Enda is capable of the job so will be voting FF purely to keep FG out
sun flowers Posts: 3421
[quote="Princess Cinders":1ug7hxng]I dont know why but I dont feel Enda is capable of the job so will be voting FF purely to keep FG out[/quote:1ug7hxng] do you not like him because his top lip and his eye brows dont move when he talks... did anyone else notice that... I dont like him either cinders