list of useless items bought!!!

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funkyfish Posts: 7626
seeing as there is a thread recommending great buys. i thought i'd start a thread with useless buys. the slumber bear!!! i use it as a pillow. DS did not like it at all. it kept him awake
minnie08 Posts: 580
Great idea! I'd love to know what I shouldn't bother buying.
Spoilt Princess Posts: 141
A bottle warmer that you plug in in your bedroom - I never ever used it (although I must admit I do love the idea of the slumber bear FunkyFish! :-8 )
pattie2 Posts: 261
Moses basket, used for 5 or 6 weeks with DD1, about a week with DD2. Bumbo, used for about a month with each DD before they started leaning over the side and falling out. Large cot blankets, never used with DD1 as she has grobags, DD2 isn't in the cot yet but unlikely we'll use them with her either. 0-6 month grobags, swaddled both of them in the early months. They were on to the next size when we started using grobags. Fancy outfits for 0-3 months, worn once by DD1, never at all by DD2.
OAT Posts: 2207
Sterlizer I had the Advent Steam one and kept finding black bits in DS bottles after steaming, so Mum dug out an old milton (the big orange one's) sterlizer and I just used that and the milton tablets. Changing Unit - Used once I think then I became a pro nappy changer and over the knee he went! Shoes for newborn or any age until at least 9 mths! They only end up getting kicked off and lost!
Gingham Posts: 3014
bottle warmer- never used it, give my bottles at room temperature... mamas and papas material changing mats- So impractical and v plastic ones are much better for cleaning...boys pee all over the place when you are changing them... baby sponges from boots(bought a few of them)- alot of them are so hard. I bought the natural sponges in tesco and it is really soft.. playgym with a thin base- if I was back again I would buy a nice paded one instead of having to put the mat on blankets to soften it up... swaddle blanket- Never swaddled my lo, used grobags from day 1... seals for bottles- have never used them..
smileybride Posts: 205
more! more! :o)ll as a first timer, I need all the help i can get!! :o0
MrsWife08 Posts: 179
Just bumping this great thread - another first timer here too - also in need of all the help I can get!! :o0
fifibelle Posts: 4447
Great thread - us first timers need to hear more about these useless items!!!
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
im printing this off!! thanks ladies!! :o)ll