looking 4feedback on tummy tub& baby gro-bags

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bree Posts: 1880
hi - just wondered if anyone used baby gro-bags & what u taut of them , also the house we will be living in for forst 6wks after baby is born doesnt have a bath & was thinkin of getting a tummy tub.. has anyone used one of these.... basically looking for feedback on both these products. thanks
Lily9 Posts: 40
Grobags are brilliant. The tummy tub is handy as it is portable and you don't need much water in it, so would be good while you have no bath. They say they are usable up to a year, I wouldn't really have got past 6 months with mine, at which point anywat the baby was in the big bath. Does the changing table you are getting (if you're getting one) have a bath though?
Ducky Posts: 2506
My friend adored her tub but only used it for the first three months. Was perfect for her small house though.
already married Posts: 26
I would highly recommend both. I had a changer with a bath that I used twice and then went out and bought the tummy tub and found it brillant. My son loved it. I used it up to about 6 months. Have used grobags from the beginning and still using them. They are fantastic.
bree Posts: 1880
great - thanks for the feedback.. not getting a changing unit & was just thinking of something as convenient as possible for the first few weeks until the new house is ready... gonna go with one, saw them in texas mullingar for 24e so that & the grobag are going in the trolly