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jmeath Posts: 5740
Already a few family members said im mad to go to the Lourdes. My mam had a terrible experience there last year and also a few people i know have. I wanted to go there for convenience (distance wise) but my auntie has just offered me her apt in Swords if i want to go to Holles Street, sh siad she will move out for a week or 2 or even 3...however long before my due date i want to be in Dublin! I know a few people from Drogheda and around that are travelling to Dulbin as the y dont like the Lourdes hospital (sorry to anyone going there). What do you think?
zoesmama Posts: 2774
i am going to OLOL (again). i had no probs the last time and was completely happy with my hosp exp in the Maternity section of it. when i got pg with DS it was not planned so we had not thought about hosps etc and my Mum really wanted me to go into Dublin. but i talked to a girl i knew who had 3 kids there and she was so positive so we went with OLOL. a friend of ours is a Dr who did a few rotations in OLOL (not in Maternity) and he said that the Maternity wing is good but if he were us he would go to Dublin for anything other than Maternity.
TracyD Posts: 750
Hi Jmeath, I think you'll find that there are horror stories about every hospital in the country. Mums have good and bad experiences in every maternity unit. I've been with clients in both and there's no comparison - the Dublin Maternity hospitals are bursting at the seams and even though the Lourdes is also busy it has been approved for additional midwives. When you get to the last few weeks of pregnancy you'll want to be able to relax in your own home rather than feeling like a guest in someone elses house (even if they're not there). I Chair the Lourdes Maternity consumer group and (most) of their polices and practices reflect international recommendations - the same can't be said for H.Street which still uses Active Management of Labour routinely. Sometimes bad press is a good thing as it drives change. At the end of the day wherever you feel most comfortable is going to be the best place for you to be - have a chat to some of the mums on Mumstown.ie about their experiences at the Lourdes. Tracy
Pinkly Posts: 1414
I had my little boy in Holles Street in January, cant recommend them highly enough. Yes sometimes the clinics are busy but I never had to wait any longer than 20mins. The midwives & my consultant were brilliant, I miscarried with my first baby & was v.nervous second time round and they were so reassuring & done all they could to put my mind at ease. With regards active labour management my waters broke at 3.30am, went in to HS, was checked over but I hadnt dilated then but labour was beginning. The lovely midwive walked me down to unit 3 and assured me it would all kick off soon. She put me into a private room (I was semi-private) & told me to get some rest, DH could stay with me too. She kept coming in to check me & when labour did begin (@12noon) she brought me back up to labour ward. I was not progressing as quick as I should have been but I was never given or offered anything to speed things up. At 10pm that night I was only 4cm dilated so they say that because waters had broken at 3.30am that morning baby was now at risk of infection, also baby's heart-rate began to drop so I was put on a drip to speed things up. Believe me though at this stage I was completly exhausted & the sound of baby's heart-rate dropping was worrying me so I was grateful of the intervention at that stage. Consultant was called in & reassured me that baby was doing ok but that baby was probably exhausted also at this stage. My little boy was a big fella 9lb 13oz's & I'm quite small, he came out sideways as his shoulder got stuck and consultant was there to help with ventouse. All the staff were brilliant & if it wasnt for them I would have ended up needing a C-Section. On the ward they were also brilliant, v natural & relaxed & great with visitors!! I'll most certainly will be back to them with No:2! Best of luck with your decision.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
I think the Lourdes is very stretched (where isn't?) and the emergency department is a disaster but their maternity unit is great. Having had DS there and also been treated there for a miscarriage, I wouldn't think of going anywhere else. You will definitely hear horror stories about every hospital. Go for whichever one is handiest for you - you will be going there a lot for scans, appointments and blood tests near the end.
TracyD Posts: 750
Yes the Lourdes Hospital in general is overstretched (A&E has had to turn people away a few times this year) But we've had days when there was nobody in the labour ward.... Baby-Crazy - when you're going to H.Street you're not considered to be in labour until you're at least 3cm that's why they didn't do anything to speed you up at that point. AML tends to be introduced after 3cm (Try telling a mum who's been up all night with regular contractions that she's 'not' in labour...... .) >:o( Active management of labour can be useful in the rare occasion that a mum needs extra help - it's just not best practice anywhere else in Ireland or the rest of the world to 'process' every woman's labour the same way - but lots of women have great experiences at H.Street with or without AML. Tracy
jmeath Posts: 5740
Thanks girls, i suppose you do always hear bad stories about everywhere and some good too!! I was just a bit upset coz my mams 2 freinds and my nana kinda turned there noses up at me going the Lourdes but i was planning to go there despite what happened my ma (but she was a high rish PG)! I think i may stick with the lourdes once my little bean sticks