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tanksnews Posts: 175
Am 26 weeks , due end of August. Begining to fill in ML benefit form. Hoping I'll be able to work up to 2 weeks before & Ive saved EVERY SINGLE days hols from this year. But am a little confused by how saving my hols will work. I wont be getting paid by my employer , only getting state benefit. However because I've saved my hols from this year, do they just add on to the end of the 26 weeks of state paid ML which would be into 2011 or do I just get paid for them during the 26 weeks & forego acutally taking them. Im even confusin myself writting this? Does it make sense? thanks
katgirl Posts: 1258
hi, in my job your annual leave is tacked after your 26 weeks, i dont think you can include this in the 26 weeks have a chat with your HR dept and im sure they can sort you out, dont forget you are also entitled to any bank holiday days that fall while you are on ML added to your leave
tanksnews Posts: 175
thanks Katgirl. Work for a very small company so just want to have all my facts correct before I go talk to the boss. No HR department as opposed to someone we ring with queries who then prob have to go look it up on the internet herself! so would rather be armed with facts myself. So basically I get the 26 weeks paid from state then my 4 weeks paid hols from this year plus any Bank hols during the ML (xmas & new years). Its just as regards tax & stuff technically they are 2010 hols but would be getting paid for them in 2011 tax year ? Am rightly confused
novice1 Posts: 276
Im not in HR or anything but my understanding is if you were entitled to 24 days hols at year (2days per month). You get your 26wks ML (roughly 6mths leave) and you are entitled to 12 days holidays during that time. Therefore you would be effectively off for 28wks and 2 days. Then the bank holidays are added on that covered that period and may bring you up to 29wks off.....thats if you wanted to take all your holiday entitlements before you come back to work. If you did you would still be entitled to 12 days holidays when you come back to work. As you have all this years holidays left, your boss may allow you to take them all forward to next year which would be great (best option) or he may say that as your mat leave is starting in August, would are entitled to carry 8days holidays forward (being 2days for 4mths Aug-Dec - my eg above) and may pay you for the rest or else ask you to take them between now and August. Its really up to your boss but I would push to take them forward until next year, that would result in you possibly being off for along time plus starting to get paid before you come back from ML. I hope I haven't confused you too much !!!! Best of luck