Hi girls, Just wanted to let you know about these fab little blankets that fit into the Maxi Cosi carseats...my sister in law has one for her little boy and I think they are the business. They are reduced by 10% for this weekend and they are free shipping....so I got one for £34.15 - voucher code is BH052 http://www.morrck.co.uk/collection/baby ... eason.html They are a similar idea to the Lodger Bunker but not as expensive - my sister in law has the Size "2" for her little chap and he is as snug as a bug in it, dead handy for wrapping them up when going from house to car etc & the straps of the Maxi Cosi go through the blanket IYKWIM....I ordered the Size "2" also as I fear baby might outgrow the Size one quite quickly.