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McMummy Posts: 1041
Hi Ladies I hope you're all having a happy and healthy pregnancy so far. I've just got a BPF and I'm hoping to go to Mount Carmel hospital this time and I've a few questions you might be good enough to help me with. If you wouldn't mind sharing either on this tread or by PM could you please give me an idea of the overall costs? Can you go combined care or is it consultant led only? I've a one year old DS and I'm a SAHM, do any of you know can you bring your LO's to appointments. Thanks
Emme Posts: 4735
Consultants fees are about 4k and I think your stay is about 5k for a semi private room. Then I've paid for one lot of bloods and my 20 week scan on top of that which was the guts of 400.00. As far as I'm aware there is no combined scheme and I've seen people take their kids in with them to their consultants appointments. I'm sorry I'm vague on the costs but thats what they are roughly. I'm just a personal finance disaster!
december29 Posts: 395
This will be my second time going to Mt Carmel. My obstrician is Gerry Rafferty and his practice is in Landscape Clinic His costs are broken down as follows: 8-10wk apt €600 12wk scan €345 12 wk bloods €345 16wk apt €1200 22wk scan €1200 36wk scan €500 36wk bloods €85 So total cost is €4275 - you can claim 20% of that back on your med 1 next year. The hospital itself is about €5k depending on length of stay and whether you go private or semi-private. Depending on your health insurance, the majoirty of this should be covered by that. we had €2k left to pay. You are sent an invoice from mt carmel about 12 weeks before your due date. Last time it was for €1960. Then about 6 weeks after the birth you will get an invoice for the balance......this will have deducted whatever your health insurance covers. Hope that helps!
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
congrats on your BFP!! I'm with Dr Dockeray - he is 3,500 but doesn't do combined care. i think some of the consultants do it - you prob need to ring around. i'd rather not do combined care cos you're paying for private care anyway - plus you get a scan on every visit! bloods were 200 and 20 week scan is 180 mount carmel is costing approx 2.5k
esb Posts: 122
:wv :wv :wv I am with Julian too.Here are the most recent prices for Mt Carmel as I have already paid my booking deposit.(due 10 weeks in advance) one night package: semi private:4580 private:4845 two night package: semi private:5.050 private:5490 three night package: semi private:5,520 private:6,095 :wv :wv
McMummy Posts: 1041
Thanks a million for that :thnk