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March Baby Posts: 89
Hi, Just wondering how much movement is normal for 24+1 weeks? Should I be counting? To be honest, sometimes I feel like I don't get any kicks :o( I find if I lay down and put my hands on bump I feel more, but would love to know how many a day I should be getting. I understand that everyone is different, but would love to get an idea!
cat woman Posts: 897
i only started feeling kicks at around 24 weeks, the baby is still very small and also sleeping alot , when i was hospital the nurse told me to drink ice cold water to get the baby moving, i wouldnt say you have anything to worry about all babys are differnet :wv
blondiechick Posts: 1641
Tap on your tummy also...this wakes the baby up!
March Baby Posts: 89
Thanks girls, I'm drinking water and tapping away as I type! Got a little bit of movement before lunch so I'm sure all is well.
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
You don't start counting until 28 weeks. Think then it's supposed to be 10 movements in an hour when the baby is awake. (I get 10 in as many minutes sometimes and then it goes asleep and I mightn't feel it for hours). Poor child I'm always poking it in the morning to get it to move. :o0