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Mrs DD Posts: 177
I've already posted this in vendors forum but with no replies so I'm getting desperate. My mum really wants me to book this band called the moynihan brothers as they are cheaper and also play more waltzes than the band I've provisionally booked. Can anyone tell me if they've heard them.. they're from around wexford. Thanks in advance wollies
Mumaholic Posts: 833
Hiya, I've heard of them and they are very good. They do suit a slightly older crowd but they are good too. BUT its your wedding so you choose whoever you want...your mother had her day!!
originalwoowoo Posts: 867
They played at my wedding, back in the good old days!!!!! They are very much for the older crowd and were not willing to learn my first dance, so we played a CD!! I think if you ask around there are definately better bands that would suit all guests tastes.
Mrs DD Posts: 177
thanks girls for the info - its really helped! My mam def does like the older variety of band so think that it's just not going to happen - and I'm going to go with Avalon!! Wollies win out again!