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Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Please girls share any of your tips on how to ease this horrendous sickness. I've heard ginger and the like, can't face eating a lot of things so all suggestions welcome!! This morning was the first time I've actually got sick, but it didn't make me feel any better. Can't brush my teeth without the dry heaves. Feeling really sorry for myself and I know I'm not alone. So also feel free to join me :wv
ginger nut Posts: 5989
hi sleep monster...i'm afraid i've no remedies or cures for you but i just wanted to tell you you are not alone with this...i've been feeling awful for the last 7 weeks - i thought it was easing a few weeks back but now it's back again with a vengeance. the only thing i found that helped a little bit was salted cashew nuts (you can buy them in the newsagents now - they are beside the peanuts).....and i find that if i get hungry at all my nausea and vomiting gets far worse. they say eating little amounts often helps and i found that sipping drinks over the course of the day rather than having a big drink in one go also helps (well, i'm less sick if i take lots of little drinks rather than one big one). Eat what and when you can, rest when you need to and hopefully this will pass soon Poor pet x
charli Posts: 5994
i dont have any remedies either but had my first bout of it at the weekend. never had any MS on first baby (girl) so am tellin hubby that this is probably a biy as i feel so different had nauseau sat morning and it eased, had it all day sunday and threw up about 7ish sunday evening had an awful headache/migraine both days as well they say nibbling on dry crackers can help - i actually find eating something small and savoury helped over the weekend, like a sandwich/bagel have to say the headaches were worse for me, obviously the MS was not as bad as yours but i didnt know what i could take for them!! ginger is a very popular remedy, even maybe those ginger bickies - if you keep a pack of them nearby hope it eases soon :xox
Sassy Posts: 2269
I haven't been sick but the last couple of days i have felt quesy. I think alot of it is to do with me leaving long gaps between meals.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
My cousin had really bad MS and she recommended using the travel sickness bands you can get from the chemist or tissue salts from the health shop. Anything with ginger (biscuits!) is also supposed to help. Good luck!
charli Posts: 5994
[quote:2o60rcbw]I haven't been sick but the last couple of days i have felt quesy. I think alot of it is to do with me leaving long gaps between meals.[/quote:2o60rcbw] yeah i find that too - and i had this a little on first pg - trick is to eat little ad often i suppose, can kinda feel that coming on now actually and had brekkie at 8.30am - have some fruit stashed in my bag for this!!
[email protected] Posts: 492
I really sympathise with your plight, I found that ginger really made me worse - i couldn't cope with the smell! I've tried the travel sickness wrist bands in boots and found they helped and i went into Nelsons Homeopathic shop in St. Anns street and described my symptoms of nausea and sickness and they prescribed a tissue salt remedy for me - that was brilliant and really really helped. It is safe to take in the 1st trimester too. If you rang them and talked to them on the phone they would probably post one out to you too. Goodluck and hope youre feeling better soon x