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Princess09 Posts: 821
Scary to be posting in here! Confirmed my BFP result today with my doctor, aaarrrggghhh! She thinks I'm about 6 weeks roughly, so due end of December. She told me to look into Consultants in Mullingar my doc is in Dub, near my work and is not familiar with Mullingar. My sister had her baby there but I cannot ask her yet. Anyway I know that there are 3, Martell, Gannon and Thomas? I would appreciate any feedback anyone has. According to hospital today I should choose one, advise my doc and she will issue a referral letter? So clueless!
Salander Posts: 1639
hi i'm public with dr thomas, he's very nice bit quick at the visits but you don't see much of him at the public ones - mostly the midwives. heard dr Gannon is ok but a bit of a straight talker - esp if someone is overweight. don't know mortell - you could also post this in mums and kids i think there are a few mullingar mums over there too. your doc sends off a letter asking you to be put on a list for a particular consultant and then you get your app, 1st one is usally around the 15 week mark. if you have any questions just shout. best of luck and congrats!!!
lolly2010 Posts: 707
Hey, congrats, im expecting baby number 2 and am public under DR.Thomas aswell, hes grand, yoo dont really see them, on my 1st baby i saw him at the scan, thats it, was his understudies at other appointments, and this time when i went for scan i didnt get to see him (apparently he loves cricket and was off due to it been on that day :yelrotflmaosmilie: ) so another fella did the scan and then i was told il be with the midwives from now on. To be honest i dont think it matters who your under, ya dont see them and they all do the same thing anyways. Bit of advice for when ya do go over for the scan.. the wait is RIDICULOUSLY long O:| bring a few mags or a book. our appointment was around 1 o clock and didnt get out till after 4 waiting waiting waiting O:| i was cracking up! Good luck with the pregnancy! :wv