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Mooches Posts: 875
...are just the BEST in the world! :o)ll I'm 26 today and H2B had a HUGE bouquet of gorgeous flowers delivered to me in school :lvs ...MORTO but I was so delighted. :thnk My class told everyone who came in the door all day to 'Look at the flowers Ms. weddingdileema got from her future husband!!!' so I had a warm mushy feeling all day!!! :xox I then arrive home after work to find a birthday card from my bridesmaid along with a booklet for a spa with a message saying she has booked the two of us in for fab treatments the weekend before the wedding!!! :o)ll And on top of all that got our caricature wedding invites in the post as well and they look fab! Best birthday so far! Apologies to those who may have been misled by the subject of this affair or other saucy stuff going on between H2B and BM (that I know of :o0 !!!) .... just wanted to publicly say how fab they are!!! :lvs Everything's 'fab' today!!! :wv
chaos Posts: 1904
thats so sweet!!happy birthday, hope you have a great weekend. where did you get your invites from? im currently waiting for our proofs from a uk company but no luck yet on them
Mooches Posts: 875
Thanks for the birthday wishes ladies! Off out to a Panto with my mammy now (age-old tradition for my birthday!) so I'll be quick. Invites are from VistaPrint but I uploaded caricature as a photo so designed the invite myself. Scanned the original caricature (from our hols 2 yrs ago), resized, put heads on 'wedding' bodies nabbed from internet, traced and coloured it, scanned it again and then uploaded - voila!!! Looks fab & personalised and 30 cost €36 incl. priority post! HTH and thanks again. :wv
moobear Posts: 1126
Happy Birthday weddingdilemma. Hope you have a great weekend - you really did get a great start to it Enjoy O-O O-O O-O
looey Posts: 624
Ya did have me worried, glad to hear all is well!
lilybride Posts: 425
Phew, I thought that was going to be tragic, well done, lovely people that you are surroundede by, and happy birthday
thebrideof2009 Posts: 1416
happy birthday :thnk :thnk :thnk :thnk
mrstee Posts: 927
Happy Birthday!! O-O I thought when i opened this thread it was going to be some awful story about the 2 of them having an affair :o0 :o0 :o0 glad you had such a fab day!
cupcakebabe Posts: 2232
Hey happy birthday!! Thought it was gonna be an affair as well!! :eek
mrstobe09 Posts: 875
I thought it was gonna be an affair as well!! :-8 Delighted its not. Happy birthday, I'm sure it's been a good one for you.