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nini83 Posts: 1917
hi girls as you can see from from my ticker im 8 weeks just before i went to bed last nite WARNING TMI after i went to the bathroom and wiped it was a darkish brown not like a discharge just like my urine on the tissue but my urine coming out and in the toilet looks clear...have had this 3/4 times since last night and this morning its like a mucky colour very worried wat is this is this the start of something?has anyone had this before im so worried now i was thinking i was playing wit my one yr old nephew yest picking him up etc and he's heavy cud this be anythin to do wit it? or i finally let my partner dtd the other day cud it be that? anyway ladies wat do u think i shud do ? sit it out? ring doc? ring hosp? any help grestly appreciated :lvs ps just by coincidence i had an early scan yest and everything was fine there.
toesies Posts: 436
call your doc and explain and see what they think, put your mind at ease, doubt highly DTD or picking up nephew have anything to do with it HTH
mrs.july Posts: 3167
Did you have an internal scan yest??Maybe that caused it??
zoey Posts: 1574
You poor thing - that must be so worrying. At least you had a scan yesterday and everything looks good - you should take comfort from that. If I were you though I would head to the Early Pregnancy Unit of your maternity hospital and explain your situation to them. They should give you another scan to check that all's ok just to reassure you. I would skip going to the gp because all she can do for you is tell you to go to the epu as it's too early for her to do anything else really, like listening for a heartbeat. Lots of girls on here have had discharge and/or spotting and they've been fine so I hope it's the same for you. Best of luck pet and I'll say a prayer for your little bean. Zoey :lvs
nini83 Posts: 1917
Hey toesies i just rang the vhi nurse there she is getting the midwife to call me back tho she wasn't too alarmed by it so thats good :thnk mrs july i didnt have an internal scan no it was just abdominal...was reading there on net it can be old blood clearing out hope thats all it is thatnks for replies girls :lvs
nini83 Posts: 1917
Ah thanks zoey im gonna see how morning goes then i mite take ur advice ur very sweet thanks again *)
Yummum2012 Posts: 122
. PM me if u want to dicsuss it further.
redfly Posts: 358
I've no advice really but I know you must be frightened and I just want to say i have my fingers and toe crossed for you and hope everythings ok with your little bean xxxx
sunsparks Posts: 2196
I had bleeding early on... sometimes red, sometimes brown. I had both a low-lying placenta and polyps, both of which cause bleeding without being a risk to the baby.
silíní Posts: 4219
nini i had two internal scans at about 7 wks and 9 wks on last preg and i had brown discharge and a little red blood after each one. All was fine. Get checked out just to be sure. Mind yourself. S