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MsJanieK Posts: 194
Well hello there ladies and gents! So, this is my first post on this smashing website, go me! I guess, like so many brides to be out there, I'm kinda looking for some advice and guidance. Our wedding is in June and I've been massively surprised by the numbers of bridal shops who are telling me I'm crazy not to have my dress organised at this stage. See, I do kind of have it organised. I've seen the dress of my dreams online but was going to wait til I've shed a few more pounds before I go order it. Have many of you done the likes of this?? Am I crazy to leave it until maybe February?? Also have any of you had any experiences with purchasing your dress online? I have chosen my dress from etsy and the reviews of the maker are very positive. I am having 1 bridesmaid also and am looking at dresses online for her too. I haven't even tried any dresses on yet but I know my style and what does and doesn't suit me. Am I being a bit too naive or laid back?? We're doing a total DIY recession wedding. We're stone broke but just dying to be husband and wife. :o)ll
Mrs Stewart Posts: 443
Hi & welcome to WOL! I'm sure you'll find it a great help & support in the run up to your big day. Re timeframe with regards to buying your dress - I would think you've loads of time yet. Bridal shops gently pressurise you into buying no later then a year to nine months in advance because they want to press you into a sale! I have heard that the order for the dresses doesn't even go in until about 6 or 5 months before the wedding. My own personal experience was that I ordered my dress mid May & it was in the shop, having been made up especially (some bridal suppliers only literally put the dress together when an order comes in, rather then having loads of them on the rack) by mid august, so 3 months. Whats the situation with the one on Etsy? Is it a dressmaker who'll make it up to your order? I would check out the order / delivery timeframe & take it from there. That is, if you are absolutly sure this is the dress. Other then that, I would leave no later then the end of Feb as the deadline. I initially bought a dress from a chinese site, it was a copy of a designer one. Bought it about a year before my wedding. While it was 'grand' and 'would do' it didn't set my heart alight & I knew I couldn't get married in it, therefore went down the usual route of a local bridal shop etc. I also got my bridesmaids dresses online - again from a website called - they were absolutly fabulous & neither I, nor the girls could have been happier with them. quality of these was far higher then the wedding dress. Hope that helps & best of luck with everything! O-O
MsJanieK Posts: 194
Aw thanks a million for that info! It's a Chinese site I'm looking at too but I really have my heart on it! In saying that, as an only child, I gotta give my mam a few shopping days out!! So you never know!
MsJanieK Posts: 194
In the end I went into a bridal shop and bought a dress! It's nothing like I was planning, but very happy!