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OAT Posts: 2207
according to what I think is my conception date I'll be due on New Years Eve too but I know the hospital is going to go by when my last period was so they're going to say I'm due around 4-5 January
bubs2012 Posts: 521
Hi girls Im due 29th Dec, no doubt I will probably not go that date and go over..I will be like a balloon for Christmas haha. Best of luck to you all
fizzy bubbles Posts: 339
congrats March girl.
Marchgirl Posts: 12
Thanks girls..had a small scare last night, had a small bleed so phoned my doctor and they sent me straight in for a scan today. so it went fine, to soon to here a heart beat but the sack etc looks in place and everything looks normal so they just said to take it handy and go back in two weeks two hear the heart beat! Ran into a work colleague in the hospital and nearly died! had to fill her in! just hoping she will keep it quite...really didnt want anyone to know for a while! Oh well at least baby is doing ok O:o)
mrsmiaow Posts: 356
You poor thing you must have got an awful fright but thank god all is ok. I booked a scan for this day three weeks. So looking forward to it. Rest up now and mind yourself.