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lainy - Apr 05 Posts: 264
Jeez Girls does anyone else have huge nipples??? Mine are beginning to frighten me :lol: Its mad seeing your body change shape on a daily basis isn't it? I'm 5 months gone and I'm really starting to notice things now. I just can't wait for it to start kicking. I'm getting a butterfly feeling sometimes but not sure if that is anything..
rose petal Posts: 307
Hiya, Nah I havent noticed any real changes as from my ticker I am not that far along. But my boobs are very tender constantly. The very breast oh sorry best of luck with your pregnancy :lol: Rose Petal :wink:
lainy - Apr 05 Posts: 264
Ah thx Rose Petal, it's all getting very exciting now! My breasts are very sore and tender as well but I was lucky in that I never suffered from morning sickness.. Best of luck with yours as well
Grainne20 Posts: 835
Lainey - mine are the size of small countries!! its a nightmare....i just am facinated by all the changes my poor body is going thru.
Sinead78 Posts: 139
Girls My mother always told me that if you put Cabbage leaves in your bra , it will take the soreness away, My sister did it both during and after her pregnancy and she says it works. It probably doesn't work for everybody but it is worth a try Sinead
lainy - Apr 05 Posts: 264
Oh god it's all so unattractive isn't it.. Cabbage, yuck! Taking my bra off in the evening is torture!!! The weight of them :lol: