no cake, cork, 5 weeks to go

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sweeti Posts: 81
Can anyone recommend somewhere for me to get a two tier chocolate fudge cake in Cork? Hassett's in Carrigaline and Cinnamin Cottage both do nice ones but they can't be stacked on top of each other... Only 5 weeks to go, Ive left it go so late. I'd really appreciate any info girls...
mad woman Posts: 22106
a lot of girls on here have used M&S Wedding cakes. do a search and you might find some info. HTH.
FireflyDesigns Posts: 19
Have you tried Ali O'Mahony see website [url:32mmyrt4][/url:32mmyrt4] or Melissa Pasley website [url:32mmyrt4][/url:32mmyrt4] They are both in the Cobh area.
sweeti Posts: 81
Thanks girls, wollies always have the answer to queries!