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bubbles8987 Posts: 12
Hi everyone, im 8wk1day PG and have been experiencing bleeding since bout 5wks. I have had 4 internal scans which have all confirmed heartbeat and bean is growing ok. The bleeding seems to have stopped in the last 4 days. My GP has arranged for me to get next scan at 10-12 wks, just a standard ante-natal care (previously ive been attending early preg problem clinic). THe problem is i am just so so worried that something will go wrong with the baby. Last week i felt a wee bit sick in the mornings, never throwing up just heaving and feeling quesy but this week im fine. My boobs are slightly tender and seem a tiny bit bigger (they werent that big to start!) but other than that i feel no symptoms at all. I nearly dont feel pg at all. Though I spent all of yday on internet reading about m/c and chance of pregnancy continuing etc which scared the life out of me. Can anyone help reassure me? Should i be experiencing stronger symptoms? Im so so afraid that when i go for next scan they will tell me that the baby has gone to heaven :o(
steen Posts: 1335
I couldnt read and not answer. I had bleeds at the beginning of my pregnancy too. I felt tired in the evening, boobies were sore but the really bad ms didn't kick in until approx 9 weeks. I'm sure all will be okay with you, try not to stress yourself out.
newone Posts: 1714
Hi there. Hope the bleeding settles down for you. With regards to the symptoms, I have had practically none and like you I was panicking. But I had scan today and all is fine. The only real symptom I had was tiredness. No MS or anything like that. Stay positive. Lots of women bleed and go on to have healthy babies. :lvs
StayShiny Posts: 1078
hi bubbles8987 for me, I had absolutely no sympthoms at all till about 9 weeks, and then MS until about 22 weeks! enjoy the time now, you'll get them soon enough. Big hugs
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
I haven't had many symptoms all the way along and I'm 6 months pregnant today! No morning sickness, just the odd time a tiny bit queasy if I left a big gap between meals .... slightly sore boobs at the start but not much. No cravings / food aversions really. Headaches, that was about it. coming up to the six month mark my back has started to get a bit sore if I walk around for too long, but really I haven't had many symptoms at all. The 20 week scan and another one at 25 weeks said everything was fine, baby the right size, no sign of any problems (touch wood) ...... Just thought I'd let you know that lack of symptoms needn't mean there's anything wrong. Don't know about the bleeding though, all you can do is keep an eye on it & keep your doctor / consultant updated.
bubbles8987 Posts: 12
thanks everyone for replying, think i just need to relax a bit more! There has been no bleeding since last Friday (the day i had my last scan) so im taking that to be a good sign. I was heaving a lot this morning and though i was gonna collapse in the shower with the heat and the heaving!! Think i need to have cooler showers to be honest. well i guess il just keep my fingers crossed for the 12wk scan and hope everything is ok then. Its so stressful being pregnant!! I always imagined it would be simply exciting and worry free!!
newone Posts: 1714
Bubbles, glad to hear that you have had no more bleeding.