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rosebelle Posts: 346
Just wondering if anyone has any recent feedback on O'Connors? I've done a search but the majority of them are a couple of years old THanks
DipDab Posts: 1172
I didn't get my ring there but my OH went in there when he was looking around at prices and stuff. He thought they had a good selection and we're really nice. they actually talked him out of buying the ring because it was clear he hadn't a clue what he was doing :)
dream2012 Posts: 83
We got my ring there. They were really nice. They've a good selection and they'll make a ring for you. It's nice because it's quite private. I felt a bit awkward looking at rings in full view of Grafton Street so that aspect was great for us. It's probably not the cheapest place though.
excitedbird Posts: 103
H2B got my e-ring there and we went back to get my wedding ring made cant recommend them highly enough nothing is to much trouble they will find something for you in your price range that suits and will be very honest and let you know if it doesnt suit your finger rather then try get a sale!
rosebelle Posts: 346
Thanks for the opinions, I am a bit surprised by people saying that they aren't "cheap" i did think they were good value with what I was looking for, but maybe I'm not looking in the right places. Any more recommendiations (sp) good or bad? Just want to be double sure before we spend all that money
excitedbird Posts: 103
Rosebelle i found them very well priced for the quality of the ring. It may be a little more then a high street Jewelers but the quality and clarity is fantasic 2 years on my e-ring is sparkling like new!!! Best of luck with the search :wv