OMG Have just realised how unfit I am

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kellyk Posts: 634
Hi all, Won a prize of gym membership and went tonight! OMG, I actually nearly died! It was soooo tough and arms etc aching already...... O:| Will it get better with time? Can't belive how bad I was....Walk a good bit but clearly not fast enough. :o0
kittypurry Posts: 897
i'm a big walker myself but as soon as i go the gym i last about 15-20 mins then i either slow down or decide to go to the sauna and steam room :o0 is there anyway you can get someone to go with you to the gym? or even bring your ipod/mp3 filled with loads of fast tracks...that sometimes help me a little when i do wander up to the gym :o0 best of luck with it though :wv
scotswedding Posts: 2829
I go out walking so sometimes kid myself that I'm half fit. Send me running for 2 minutes though and I collapse in a wheezing, sweating heap. [Nice!] :-8 Well done on winning the membership!! Keep it up and you'll be flying in no time!!