Opinions on Polaroid/ instant photo guest books please!!

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Culchiequeen Posts: 49
I had an idea to have a polaroid guest book, where you know yourselves, the camera is available, or held by one person, and everyone takes a pic of themselves, couples, families etc, and then leave a message on the pic, and it can be put into a booklet/ album or whatever afterwards..... so the thing is, h2b isn't too keen on the idea, and i'm trying to think of the pro's and con's of it to help convince him..... I think it would be a lovely idea to have a pic of everyone who *wants* their pics taken for it, but he reckons its putting pressure on people to do it when they might not want to.... what are your general opinions on this idea ladies!! thanks in advance!! x
Liz16 Posts: 12
I have the same problem, my h2b isnt too keen on the idea. It sounds like a lot of work. I was planning on giving the camera to my brother and getting him to take pics as guests arrive for meal. But this would mean that he would miss out on dinner or speeches as guests are meant to sign it during/after the meal. Sorry Im no help, but I think its a lovely idea and a great keepsake.
Lindy79 Posts: 460
I was at a wedding recently where this was done and it worked well. They didn't have one particular person looking after it, which I think is fair enough. Its not fair expecting one person to essentially work on the night of the wedding, and ask you said they will miss out. It was left in a central location along with some props, people knew what to do with it. The only one draw was that a couple of people took the camera off and took loads of photos with it which not only meant that you couldn't use it but they wasted a lot of the film which is quite pricey. The taking it away issue isn't so bad though because you get that with regular guestbooks too, people take it off and ask people to sign it.
Handymammy Posts: 1086
we did it at our wedding a few years ago and it worked really well. We just sent it around the same as a normal guest book. My brother explained to the first table that we would like each table or couple to take a photo and then write a message under the photo and then pass it to the next table with same instructions. We got photos from all tables and we are delighted with it as there were a lot of guests that we do not have photos of otherwise and I had lots of feedback from brides before my wedding who said that the disposable cameras on the table were a big fat waste of money. I would say to you that there are a few companies offering the entire service and IMO were very expensive. You will buy an instant camera and film on eBay (or maybe another WOL) and then buy a nice guest book and stick those old photo corners on each page where you want the photos to go. Hope that makes sense
Culchiequeen Posts: 49
hi ladies, thanks for the comments! Edelle, i know what you mean about one person having the job for the day, but my brother and his wife have already offered their services, and said it would be an excuse for them to get round to meeting everyone - i had thought about just leaving it on a table as OP said, but i think then loads of film could get used up, if (like i would do) people take 5 or 6 if they dont like the first one! Think i'll just spend the weekend trying to convince him to see things my way!! :)