Order of "Thank Yous" in Bride's speech?

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Princess Wifey Posts: 534
Am preparing my speech and have no clue what order to put my thank yous - all I know is the following will be mentioned: aunt for doing flowers friend for singing family and friends who read in church priest ushers flowergirl hotel guests for coming best man and groomsman bridesmaids my parents his mother my husband(!) Was going to start with everyone for coming - then talk about all who participated in the ceremony and I know I want to end talking about "himself" but what about the others? I don't want to offend my parents (who are very traditional) by putting them in the wrong place!! :thnk Any help? *) PS all this happening in 4 days so all guidance gratefully received!
Singstar Posts: 323
Ok I'm probably not going to be of much help as I haven't much expefience of Bride's speeches but as far as I know it is not required for the bride to speak and it seems to be a more modern thing. So I don't think there is a particular order for thanking people. Just make sure you do mention all the important people and everyone should be happy. Also why not ask your mam what she thinks. HTH