OT- recipe for non alco mulled wine?

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alton Posts: 3077
Under the circumstances I thought that this might be as good a place as any to ask this question :o0 Anyone got a good recipe? Several people have recommended Delia's recipe for drivers mulled wine but she uses Belvoir Spiced Winter Berries Cordial and I can't find it anywhere, or think what I should substitute instead.
adelz Posts: 3088
Hey I got boxes of mulled wine sachets in Dunnes and there are six in it, its all the spices needed, on it it gives a non alco version. Which was cranberry juice, fruit and two of these sachets and warm through. I love my mulled wine so I def would be interested in hearing any other suggestions :wv
MrsGPants Posts: 835
Ooh totally interested in this too, cause i :lvs mulled wine. Will really miss it this christmas. I did a bit of googling and here are some recipes i found: Non-Alco Mulled Wine - a carton of red grape juice (Tesco own brand do this), 2 table spoons of brown sugar, a mug of orange juice, a handful of cinnamon cloves, dried orange slices and dried orange peel, 1 cinnamon stick-u can also add ginger and nutmeg to taste (or just buy a packet of mulling spices) Mulled cranberry juice - 500ml cranberry juice, 300ml orange juice, 300ml water, the juice from half a lemon, the Christmassy spices as per usual (e.g. a large pinch of allspice, 4 whole cloves, 1 cinnamon stick), a few slices of lemon and orange Add all the ingredients to a pan, slowly bring to a boil, simmer for 10 minutes to infuse the flavours. Get a slotted spoon, remove the spices, serve. Also apparently Marks & Sparks sell bottles of non-alcholic mulled wine.
Dollydel Posts: 1726
Marks have two bottle of Non-alcoholic mulled wine for €4.50
ludy Posts: 94
I've made this before, just buy a bottle of non alcoholic red wine and make it as normal, tastes (almost!) as nice!!
leopardess Posts: 906
[quote="Dollydel":1b9ye30f]Marks have two bottle of Non-alcoholic mulled wine for €4.50[/quote:1b9ye30f] thats great value [quote="ludy":1b9ye30f]I've made this before, just buy a bottle of non alcoholic red wine and make it as normal, tastes (almost!) as nice!![/quote:1b9ye30f] this is what i was planning to do but i might check out the M&S one now...
adelz Posts: 3088
Thats all super thanks all, its great to get some ingredients for them. Thanks a mill :wv
starbar10 Posts: 991
I love mulled wine! and it is something I am really missing this Christmas. Marks and Sparks have a great Non alcoholic version thats 2 bottles for €4.50 Its soo yummy and I'm not missing the alcoholic version too much ;)
adelz Posts: 3088
O Im def going to try and get somebody to get me some of this if they are around m & s! Thanks all.
starbar10 Posts: 991
Its lovely! Its all spiced up and yummy! I actually made a pint of it after I posted. Although I noticed that the wine bottles have now been replace by just as many nonalcoholic ones and I was trying to be good. Sure its only fruit juic I guess :o0 :o0