PCOS/Clomid Query - really appreciate some info......

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MrsJuly2005 Posts: 246
we've been ttc for almost a year now with no luck :o( my doctor has suggested that i might have pcos (v bad acne and all over the place cycles), so she has referred us to a fertility clinic. since talking to her, i've gone google mad, reading and researching anything i can find on the topic, and learned that the next step would probably be clomid. i'm just wondering if she can prescribe that for me, or does it have to be a fertility clinic? .....i'm getting really impatient and want to move things on as fast as i can, she reckons the waiting list for the clinic is up to 6 months, even though we're private? i'd really appreciate any help / info on this from other wollies out there in the same situation. thanx a mill :thnk
feelsobad Posts: 693
Hi Mrs July I was diagnosed with mild PCOS about 5 months ago. Never had any problems with period in my life and then came of the pill and had two and then they stopped - missed three. Went to doc who did all the blood tests (a GP can do these) had an ultrasound (2 day wait from when doc gave me letter), which was private and cost about EUR180. GP put me on 3 months of low dosage of clomid - I am on my third month now and doc is happy that I am respoding well and ovulating. My GP can only medicate for 3 months as then you need to have another scan and be checked to make sure clomid is not over stimulating your ovaries. So I made an appointment with the SIMS clinic (private). Only had to wait 4 weeks for an appointment. So going next week as the 3 months on clomid will be up and see what they have to say. So in answer to your question - You will most likely have blood tests first to diagnose and these take about 2 weeks to process and then doc will decide if clomid is the best route (that is if you are not ovulating regularly). GPs can prescribe. All in all it really took very little time for me to get diagnosed and on meds but I am very impatient and was pushy with them as I knew something was wrong when for the first time in my life I missed my period. I too get spots - on my chin really but they have calmed down a bit on clomid - Also my hair has thinned out a lot which stresses me a bit! I was upset when I was diagnosed but I have read tons about it and to be honest there is no reason why with the correct treatment a woman with PCOS wont get pregnant. There are lots of women out there with it - who have babies and some don't even know they have it. If you have any other questions just shout. I have also found temping very useful in finding out what is going on with my cycles and also attend acupunture.... Good luck with it all - don't worry our Bfps will come just will take a little longer and need a little help. :wv
naughty nuptials Posts: 517
Hi Mrs July There's another thread on here somewhere on the same topic - called "anyone else have PCOS" - there's a lot of useful responses on there, including a long driveling post from me which I'm too lazy to repost here! Chloe (my PCOS pal!) is right - you need to have all the blood tests first. These can be done by your GP, I think, who will then refer you to a fertility specialist for treatment. In the meantime, keep your weight healthy, get lots of exercise and a good diet, start taking a multivitamin. Acupuncture and reflexology would be great for you too. You never know, you might not need the fertility clinic in the end! Good luck and feel free to PM NN
MrsJuly2005 Posts: 246
girls - thank you so much for your replies.......it's great to hear from people going thru the same thing. i don't think i was pushie enough with my doctor to be honest. i had the blood tests, which confirmed that i hadn't ovulated, even though i was on day 105 of my cycle......not sure why she didn't just prescribe the clomid for me while i'm waiting for my referral to come thru!?!? will definitely be going back to her now, armed with this info and suggest that she prescribes 3 months for me. thanks again - i'll go read that other post you referred to too :wv
froggys woman Posts: 48
Hi Mrs. July I've sent u a pm! :wv