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Sphynx Posts: 6795
ok, I have been really good avoiding peanuts because there are various food allergies on DH's side of the family but I keep getting serious cravings for peanut M&Ms. Am dying to go out and buy some now. Do you think they would count? Are you avoiding all peanut-based foods? Aargh! Can't stop thinking about them now! What could I get instead? The chocolate ones are just not the same! :o0
Christmas B Posts: 6191
[color=indigo:2dkzy7t2]I hear your pain!!!! I always loooooooooooooved peanut M&M's and I haven't had any since I found out that I was pg!!! I'm not avoiding foods with possible peanut stuff in them but at the same time I'm not having any chicken satay stuff!! As I am typing away here I am munching on raw cashew nuts.......... just soooo not the same as real peanuts!!![/color:2dkzy7t2]
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Feck it I think I'll just have a few ginger nuts instead so - must put a bag of peanut M&Ms into my hospital bag for after baby is born !!!
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Go for the crunchy biscuit ones - not just the same but a good substitute!!!
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
I can only tell you what I've done. I'm doing my very best to avoid all nuts. Won't eat anything that is made with them, like a snickers bar and stuff. At teh beginning I tried to avoid eating stuff that 'may contain traces of nuts' but I'm finding it a little difficult at this stage - nearly everything has some traces. I really wanted a packet of salted peanuts the other day and I was going to have them but then I thought what if baby has a nut allergy I'd feel so guilty. If baby developed hayfever or ecezma (sp) I don't think I'd feel as guilty (only coz I have them both and they're fairly controlable) Sorry I'm not much help, in the end I decided against eating peanuts. But my god am I having the biggest bag of peanuts and a bottle of wine after baby is born. :o0
Christmas B Posts: 6191
[quote="Sphynx":j8pm8f9l]must put a bag of peanut M&Ms into my hospital bag for after baby is born !!![/quote:j8pm8f9l] [color=indigo:j8pm8f9l]What an excellent idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll defo be doing that now too!!![/color:j8pm8f9l] [size=200:j8pm8f9l][color=violet:j8pm8f9l][b:j8pm8f9l]WOOOHOOOOO!!![/b:j8pm8f9l][/color:j8pm8f9l][/size:j8pm8f9l]
Perci Posts: 3847
I'd go for the peanut m&ms! I was avoiding them but my consultant said there's no hard evidence that eating nuts in pregnancy causes allergies and that some medics feel that by not exposing babies to nuts means that they can't build up a tolerance to them. Since then I've been happily having my Monkey Business from Zumo...
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
See there you go. It's so hard to know what the right thing is. It's so annoying >:o(
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
I've had the odd snickers bar and nutty M&Ms too. Maybe 4 or 5 throughout the whole pregnancy. Not a lot - surely you'd want to be eating them coming out your ears before they would do any harm. I took the same attitude with alcohol. Nothing for first 3 months, but since then I think I may have had 10 beers (in 5 months, its hardly excessive). Just the odd weekend I might fancy a can. Surely a little of something now and then is fine. Well thats what my consultant said anyway.
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
Ahhh....i know what you´re talking about just made me hungry there....i also love nic knacks (dunno if they are called the same in ireland, its basically peanuts in a crunchy kind of salty shell). But I didn´t have any during the whole pregnancy...and I guess I won´t even think about getting weak now for the last few days :o0 Brilliant idea about the hospital bag though :thnk