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lush11 Posts: 2877
It's a bit early for me to be looking at baby clothes but being a Penney's lover i thought i'd have a look the other day. They have gorgeous stuff,just as nice as any Mothercare or Debenhams. I'll def be stocking up there on baby gros and bibs when the time is right.
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Too be honest for baby clothes I find Dunnes better and in some cases cheaper than Penny's. I also found Tescos good.
Alwaysbroke Posts: 1140
I second Dunnes and Tesco over Penneys. I have load of bits out of penneys for dd and am not a label snob by any means but find that the others wash better. Bit more room in them too. Penneys are great when they get a bit older for tracksuits and everyday clothes that they'll be wearing the knees out of when they're crawling and getting all stained with food etc but I still find the Tesco and Dunnes stuff better quality!
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Yeah I too agree with Dunnes but I must say im finding the packs of babygros out of debenhams to be excellent, the stuff in them are sooooo nice :wv
scobette Posts: 1010
I find Penneys shrink alot and go out of shape after 1 wash esp grows and vests. You can't beat next and debenhams for growsand vests. The only thing that washes really well from penneys is the jeans/tros
i want one Posts: 2893
they do have fab stuff thats true but i def found other shops clothes wash better and last longer, all DDs babygrows from penneys shrank in the wash, next and mothercare i find last a bit longer and tesco have some unreal stuff from time to time i think something goes into the trolley everyweek from the baby clothes aisle. you will get soooooooo many presents of clothes so i would hold off on buying things except for babygros because alot of people want to buy nice outfits instead of the practical things
rosiemama Posts: 3363
i find penneys stuff doesn't really wash as well too. but they are great for things like coats or cardigans that don't get washed as much. also we got a lot of the baby towels with a hood that were reasonable enough and have lasted well, they seem to be ridiculously expensive in other shops. tesco stuff is brilliant and just as cheap.
lush11 Posts: 2877
wow, thanks girls. i'll definitely be bearing that in mind. Didnt even think of looking in Dunnes but thats great to know.
mrs mammy Posts: 1487
I've found M&S babygros last longest, mothercare pretty good too. The penneys ones looked very worn quickly after a couple of washes and I found the material felt hard iykwim. I kept ds's babygros from mothercare, M&S, and next for bab #2 and chucked the penneys ones. Found some lovely ones in Heatons too although first time buying them so dont know what way they will turn out.
mrsbf08 Posts: 164
I agree with above, Penneys clothes are small fit for my DS and they don't wash well. I wouldn't go past Next for Vests as they wash great and last much longer than any I bought in Dunnes or other places.