platinimum wedding bands-where's good value?

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lilystar Posts: 34
Does any one have any suggestions on this? I am getting married in October and live in Cavan. My engagement ring is platinum- 3 stone emerlad cut with centre stone larger and want to get wedding band to fit around stones- I would ideally like diamonds on band. The problem is the price- So far the majority of quotes I got were in the 2500 range!!!! Are any of you looking for anything similar? And if so what prices were you quoted?? Thanks in advance!
Pricetag Posts: 1306
My e ring is platnium as well, I'm looking at a band with diamonds 3/4's the way round. You should contact smooch rings. He came out to us and the rings were gore, he'd a huge selection, the one I want is about €1100 I think, they can do so cheap coz they have no retail outlets so less overheads
MinnieMouse85 Posts: 35
I haven't actually bought my wedding ring yet but have had a few quotes and by far the most reasonable was Gardiners in Belfast. I don't want to say the exact price but for a platinum band with 9 princess cut diamonds I got a quote of under £1000 which I thought was pretty reasonable. Not sure you want to travel as far as belfast but I would highly recommend them. My friend got married in March and got her platinum diamond ring there. Also, not sure if anyone else has told you this but the jewellers recommend getting a platinum ring with diamonds so that you always have it centered on your finger and therefore only the back of it gets scratched. As I'm sure you know plantinum gets easily worn looking but no Replating required :) Hope that helps sorry for the long reply.
JDD Posts: 1316
Hi lilystar Try I got my engagement ring from there and it's gorgeous. We'll be getting our wedding rings from there too. There's a very nice platinum band on it with 0.68 worth of diamonds on it for €1250 without VAT (prob about €1,500 with VAT).
lilystar Posts: 34
Thanks everyone! Definitely all better quotes than I got. I will look into all those jewellers! Did any of you need to get your rings custonm made to fit your engagement ring? Just wondering would that be more expensive?
w.w.wonder Posts: 297
If you can get to Dublin, I would highly recommend Irish Rubies, Shay and Pat are brilliant and by far the best price that we came across. Their workmanship is excellent and best of all once the ring is made up, if you don't like it, that's fine you don't have to buy it. I love my ring, platinum band with 5 gypsy set diamonds. PM me if you want more info.
Krazy Posts: 289
I'd recommend if you're willing to buy online - excellent service. Also Gardiner Brothers in Belfast are the best I've come across in Ireland - best value, best choice, and brilliant to deal with. I got a platinum ring with diamonds that was less than half any other quote I got...well worth looking at.
Abby21 Posts: 91
Gardiners in Belfast - i was quoted 640+vat for platinum with diamons half the way round!! Best price so far for me - or Chapelles in Banbridge outlet......
Voltaire Diamonds Posts: 517
Hi Ladies, I would be delighted to discuss your weeding ring requirements. Voltaire Diamonds specialise is diamond set and plain ladies & gents wedding bands. We meet clients privately and due to our low overheads our prices are at least 25% less than high street and more competitive than Northern Ireland also. Please visit my website to see just some of the range. I have attached some images of Princess Cut wedding rings with diamonds set 1/3 and 1/2 way around the ring. Please PM if you would like to book an appointment. Kind regards Seamus
mrscaso Posts: 58
Hi Fallers in Derry are excellent,bought my e ring in applebys off Grafton Street and was going to go back to them but always wondered would it be cheaper going up north, I was advised on this site by wonderful bride's 2b and we saved over €1,000!!!! no joke Well worth the journey