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BB1 Posts: 752
Girls Im being brought in on Sunday night to be induced and feeling pretty crap about it. Had a difficult time on DS, he was over 10lb and things went pear shaped. Ventouse, episiostomy and Hemmorage :o( . Really hoped I could have a natural birth with no epi this time but its not to be. So ladies please cheer me up with you positive stories
Wifetobe2 Posts: 549
I didnt have an induction but I just wanted to say that chances are it will all go much better for you this time :-8 You still have time before Sunday hun, tho admittedly if cervix is closed it may not change a huge amount in a few days but I stand to be corrected. The positive is that its planned, you know when you are going in and can organise the family. Not much help but as a fellow June Mum you get my automatic support :xxx
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
I was induced on my DD at 2 weeks over and I had a positive birth I think! I was taken in at 5pm the day before to get the first dose of gel. Even at 2 weeks over my cervix wasn't favourable and DD head was still pretty high up. Nurses said nothing would happen unitl the next dose of gel at 9am the following morning so DH went home and I relaxed and read some magazines. At 1am I felt strange and heard\felt a pop feeling in my belly. When I stood up my waters had broken. I called the nurse and she confirmed it was my waters and to try and get some sleep. The pains were coming but not very strong at all just like period type pains. This continued right up unitl 9am when they were a bit sorer but manageable. As my waters broke I couldn't get the second dose of gel in case of an infection so I was put straight on the drip. I was with 2 midwifes and DH, I was connected up to the trace and sitting on the birthing ball leaning over the bed. As I could see the contractions on the monitor first I was able to prepare myself for them. As the drip was turned up the pains got a little stonger so I took the gas and air. Again thsi was great being able to see the contractions starting as I could suck the air and be high before the transactions peaked! Now after about 8 hours on the drip I was not dialating and was still only 2cm and DD head was still very high. My contractions weren't peaking long enough so they wanted to turn the drip up full. I was exhausted and asked for the epidural. Epidural went in, drip was turned up full whack and I went for a snooze!! I was so relaxed and didn't feel a thing. Now 3 hours passed and I still wasn't progressing and it was decided by doctors that a section would be needed. Again this does not happen to everyone, in fact all my fathers sisters had exactly the same birth as me where they didn't dilate past 2cm either, so I think I was always destined for a section. So please don't think you will have one just because you are being induced. I'd do it all again tomorrow. Good luck with your birth and I hope its a lot easier on you than the last one
Princess Mom Posts: 304
I was induced given the tablet went for a stroll started to get achy was checked a five hours later I was 3cm! Brought up to the labour ward had my waters broken and went the final 7 cm within two hours... couple of pushes my baby was in my arms.
Blackbird Posts: 5135
BB1, I've had two inductions. Both were fine really but the second was much better than the first. I just didn't know what to expect first time around and totally lost my focus and could think about nothing but the pain whereas second time around I was much more focused and it went great. My birth story is on the last few pages of the sticky on P+B if you want the details. I was really nervous about being induced first time around and very disappointed second time as wanted to go myself and spend most of the time at home but once I got over that it was fine. Best of luck.
jmeath Posts: 5740
I was induced as my waters had gone (straight onto the drip), when i had got checked my cervix hadn' dialate at all but 36hrs later when i went to be induced i was 2cm, i went for 6hrs on G&A and then requested Epi as they turned the drip up max and i also had back labour (when checked i was 3cm) and exhausted, they kept telling me how well i was doing and the only thing was i had to get a section (DS was prosterior) but in the end i was delighted, i had a great recovery after it....everyone said how well i did. Best of luck to you
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
I was induced - it was easy peasy! I did have to have forceps at the end but don't worry about that, you have had a baby already and everything I've read says forceps are really a first birth thing usually. My baby was also back to back which complicates things as the others here have said. The whole induction was a dream, got the epi at 4-5cms but managed really well before then, only got it because I was due a vaginal exam and though I was coping well in my 'own space' if that makes sense I knew that if someone was messing about down there :-8 I'd lose it. But generally the whole thing was great and I'd do it again in the morning!
candyfloss Posts: 704
I was induced on DS and altho I had some complications they were specific things to me and so shouldnt affect you. I had 2 lots of gel in 12 hours and I was walking all round the hospital trying to get things going, bouncing like a nut on the gym ball etc. I was adamant I wanted my waters to break by themselves as I didnt want the drip or to have waters broken. Anyway just as my DH walked me back to my bed to tuck me in for the night I lifted one leg to get into bed and POP and Whoosh!! Waters went and I went from 0cm to 10cm in less than 2 hrs, I missed my epidural because the midwife wouldnt check again as she didnt think I'd have progressed that fast!! Baby was back to back and I was only allowed to push for an hour due to an eye condition so I did end up preped for a C section but avoided it with a forceps after a failed ventouse. Had baby not been back to back and my eye not been a concern it would have all gone swimmingly. I would do it again but only if baby not back to back as I found it too painful to be monitored constantly as I couldnt sit/lie down. Best of luck, you'll be grand. It might fly out well before you get round to being induced. :wv
Ivy F Posts: 2023
I was induced three weeks ago, and honestly couldn't have wished for a better, more pain-free birth, thanks to the epidural! I'd decided in advance that I definitely wanted an epi, so it was given to me at 4cms, when I was only in mild discomfort, & when the increased dose of oxytoxin was being introduced (I was given only a low amount of oxytoxin for the first 3 hrs or so). The fact that I was being induced meant that my doctor could anticipate exactly when I'd need the epi, & how much. I was able to feel and move my legs throughout labour (although not walk), feel the head of the baby emerging, etc, & yet was in no pain - NONE whatsoever. When it came to the active labour part, the baby came out in three pushes. No ventouse or forceps were needed, although I did have an episiotomy & needed three stitches. Honestly, if I were to read this account of someone else's birth, I might be sceptical, but this was my experience. It really couldn't have been more positive. I must post the full story as soon as I have the chance! BEST OF LUCK on Sunday - I really hope that your experience mirrors mine!!! :xxx
BB1 Posts: 752
Thanks for the replys girls, starting to feel a bit more positive about it all :o)ll