Pram that fits a renault clio

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Mismatch Posts: 476
Hi Guys Does anyone have any recommendations for a pram that might fit into a renault Clio boot. Its a 4 door, so not sure if that makes any difference, but I'm starting to stress about being able to find a pram that fits. Can't afford a new car so all your help is greatly appreciated Thanks Ladies
oddwire Posts: 842
Best thing to do is test them out at the shop - bring the buggy out to the car and see if it fits in. A lot of bigger prams have wheels that pop off really easily so you can get them into smaller boots - I drive a batchback and have a Quinny Buzz and have to pop one wheel off to fit it into the boot, it's no hassle though.
mamadotie Posts: 884
When DS was born, we had a Clio, and we had a Mothercare My4. It fit in the boot, although we used to take one wheel off.
SparkleX Posts: 1057
I'm not sure of the size of the Clio boot but I have a Polo and we are going for the Babystyle Oyster which folds up quite small. It's also nice & light. Might be worth a look. They stock it in Murphys in Rathcoole.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
I would say the bugaboo bee with a new born cocoon would fit in it. I have a beetle and it fits in it no problem
Mismatch Posts: 476
Thanks for the feed back ladies Gonna bring the car off & try a few out in it. Gonna wait till I'm a little further on, but at least I can stop worrying about having to buy a new car!
kaifer Posts: 236
I have a 2 door Clio and a P&T vibe which fits in no problem.