Pregnant and soo sad

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may-b-baby Posts: 10
I've just found out I'm pregnant. We had planned it and were delighted it happened so quickly for us. A week later, I'm like an emotional rollercoaster mostly on the way down. I can't seem to be happy for more than ten minutes without snapping the head off my husband or ending up in floods of tears. I'm feeling like I'm not ready for this, that my life as I know it is over and its all doom and gloom. I feel really guilty as I know lots of couples who are ttc and its not happening, and here I am miserable. Please tell me this is normal and it will pass soon and that I'm not horrible or the lunatic that I'm feeling right now.........
Finished here Posts: 2860
DITD, most likely this is just the hormones that are doing a very big job right now, try to relax and talk to your DH about how you are feeling so he can support you and help you to remain calm and stress free. If it continues talk to your doctor. Of course your delighted to be pregnant but it is a massive life chnaging event so of course you are feeling overwhelmed too - just wait till the post natal hormones kick in they are a riot :o0 seriously thou take care :xxx
may-b-baby Posts: 10
Thank you for the reply, I'm feeling a bit silly right now, but will probably be a basket case again in another hour!
Louth1 Posts: 45
Hey, You are not on your own I am feeling exactly the same. My circumstances are pretty much the same as yours. I have a previous post about it too. Am 16 weeks now so am getting used to the fact that I really am pregnant. Hormones are mad things!!! You will come out of it, there is nothing wrong with you. I think a lot of people go through this. PM me if you need a rant or anything. Mind yourself..........and congratulations!!! :xox
aylala Posts: 3673
DITD your hormones are probably all over the place, you will be fine I'm sure. I tried for this baby for over a year and still feel so overwhelmed by it all sometimes too, I'm sure its all natural
sinion Posts: 6050
Totally and completely normal, remember you have a huge amount of new hormones in you that is growing larger with each day, it just takes a bit of time to get used to it. Hormones aside, this is a life changing event of course, so that too needs time to get used to. I think i'd be worried about someone who didn't have a momentary lapse! Look at this as your way of preparing yourself for what's ahead, of course it's hard work and your life will not be the same, but you'll probably find that none of that matter anymore when you have this tiny person who is all yours and who adores you. For me it has been the most amazing journey i've ever experienced and I honestly can not fathom how I manage to have this much love in me :lvs
Terrier Posts: 283
Oh my god this could be me writing this. I was exactly the same in the beginning and felt so gulity for feeling like that. It will pass and you'll soon start to feel much happier about it all. I had a scare at 14 weeks and thought I had lost the baby and really I started to realise how much it meant to me. I'm now 25 weeks and am so much better. I guess thats why we are pregnant for 40 weeks so we can get use to the whole idea :wv
Vogue Posts: 426
I can completely understand the mood swings. For the first few weeks my poor DH hadn't a clue what was going on with me. I would be myself one minute and running out the door (after slamming it as hard as I could) in absolute floods of tears the next! It can be scary how much hormones can affect you! It will settle down though... Even when a pregnancy is planned, it can still be very daunting. A thousand things race threw your head and not all of them positive. Give yourself a break, your body's doing a very tough job at the minute. Pamper and treat yourself and take care of you and your DH. I bet he's as scared as what you are. Tell him your fears, a problem shared... I hope you feel better soon.
mrsb09 Posts: 1292
im delighted im pregnant but have to say im like an antichrist, im eating the head off my hubby for stupid things. i was folding clothes one evening and he said something smart and i knew after he was only having a laugh but i got all the clothes and kept firing them at him, the poor thing didnt know what was going, also i have a row with him i will go in the car and turn my phone off and visit my mam or something and tell him im staying there or something and he starts freaking. im now nearly 15 weeks still narky but not as bad. also i cant bear him touching my belly dont know why.. but i have been chatting to a few friends as im never like this and normally in a good mood and they said they like that too.
blondiee Posts: 771
DITD I had fierce feelings of being overwhelmed at times and still do every now and again to be honest. Selfish as it sounds I was thinking of how our life was, going away spur of the moment weekends, going for long hols in summer, heading out for dinner at drop of a hat, going on the lash with our friends on impulse and all these things that we'll be giving up. BUT I'm also really looking forward to having our little baby and all the joy that will bring, it's just going to be a different way of life but a very fulfilling one. It will get less daunting and I hope you start to enjoy the pregnancy more.