Preparing your body for pregnancy

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PrincessSep2010 Posts: 50
Hi ladies, I have been on a few websites and i have found some good advise in bits and bobs, but thought it might be best to ask all you mums and mums to be :o)ll What tips and advice would you give to me, my husband and I are planning to start trying to get pregnant in a few months and i would like to get my body etc ready for the best possible start Hope you can help :hyper:
Daff Posts: 11644
Firstly start taking folic acid if you haven't aleady done so! Secondly I'd recommend getting fit, even just power walking every day. I walked 3 miles every day during my pregnancy and by 36 weeks the head was fully engaged, went on due date and labour was only 5 hours 1 min long! I put it down to my walking and fitness levels adn really feel it stood me good ground during pregnancy. Prepregnancy I didn't do much bar the walking and taking the Pregnacare Conception Vitamins. But DD was a honeymoon baby so we were very lucky!
Octobermum10 Posts: 855
Definitely take your folic acid and a multivitamin. My GP also recommended taking Omega 3. You should also get your immunity checked in case you need boosters of any vaccines. A
Mamarella Posts: 30
Hi there :-) Exciting times thinking about planning a baby!!! Well in relation to preparation, I came off the pill a little earlier than I wanted to start trying as I had it in my head that I wanted one or two cycles without it in my system. No scientific reasoning behind that at all but just a personal choice. I got out walking and exercising as much as I could, and as our honeymoon was delayed until a few months after the wedding, I had a goal of looking and feeling well and energised for that! I actually got a shock when I came off the pill first because I found that I really craved unhealthy food and even though I avoided most cravings I found I had a tendency to put on weight which is unusual for me. I also found that my skin got very oily for a while, which is all part of the hormones rebalancing. So on came the new skincare and body care routines so that I knew what to expect and how to deal with similar changes during pregnancy. Included body brushing in shower, from ankles to finger tips which is great for circulation. I started taking the pregnancare pre-conception and also using the ovulation sticks so that I could get an idea of my cycles. When our BFP came along, unexpectedly soon as my cyles weren't reading corectly at all, my fitness and general health were pretty good. I hadn't given up drinking (but only at weekend) or the occassional sneaky cigarette while drinking, so I did regret that a little. Especially as a few days before I got the BFP, I had done a test which was negative, so had a big work night out, then a few days later got the BFP. All advice to me was that I did no harm etc but if I was back there again and on the 2 week wait, I would probably be a little more restrained. Then again we got pregnant very quickly this time, but if it took a few months, then you couldn't possibly put life on hold just in case. Being relaxed and stress free about it all is very important too. Like daffodil bride, I totally believe that maintaining a certain level of fitness before and during pregnancy is vital. I don't mean anything excessive or stressful. I suffered from very bad MS for the 1st 3 months and have continued to be sick on a near daily basis now although more manageable. The temptation to come home from work and crawl into bed for the evening was overwhelming, but I forced myself into tracksuit and out for a 30-40 min walk at least 4 times a week. I think it did me the world of good in the end. The fresh air and exercise really flushed some of the illness out of my system and I felt a lot better outside than lying on the couch. Once the 3 months were up, I got back swimming and have started an excercise programme on you-tube with Dr. Cathy. It's actually great for stretching, flexibility and relaxation. Good luck with it all. I remember being in exactly the same place as you. The excitement was huge and I definitely wanted to feel I was doing something to gear myself up!! Many of the pregancy books have great pre-conception chapters so you could check those out in your local library.
nextyear Posts: 62
I think exercise is the most important thing, so that you feel good in yourself and good about yourself. Also folic acid - and lots of practice! >:o)