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Spice Bride Posts: 558
A good friend has just heard that her adoption application has been approved. It will probably be 14 months before she brings back a child from China but would like to get her something now to mark the occasion. Any ideas?
Hepburn Posts: 4081
Oh that is wonderful news.... How about getting her some scrapbookiing starter materials? She could start the countdown to the big day, add photos of their journey along the way, the family celebrating the news etc, and document her thoughts as she waits for her little bundle to arrive. It would be a lovley thing to show her son/daughter in the future. Here is a google search of scarpbooking online stores. I have never used any myself, but I'm sure if you asked in OT or OF you would get lots of replies.
Hepburn Posts: 4081
sorry for spelling mistakes.... :-8
MrsHawaii05 Posts: 488
does sge know the sex of the baby yet? if so why not its a girl or its a boy card with a little outfit or what about a " congrats your going to be a mammy card" and send it to her with a bottle of champers
Roxanne Posts: 3201
Hi Spice Bride - I know this topic was started ages ago, but since you said it would be a good while before anything happened for your friend I thought it was worth replying. There's gorgeous book for children called 'I Love You Like Crazy Cakes' about a woman who goes to China and adopts a little girl - I think it's based on the author's own experience. It's the sort of book that could be read to a child from a very early age, or read independantly from age six or seven. It's really lovely, with beautiful illustrations, and a great way to introduce an adopted child's own story to him/her from an early age. I bought it for a friend who adopted a little girl from Vietnam and she was thrilled with it. I'm not sure if it's available in Ireland but I'm sure you'd find it on Amazon. It's lovely that you want to make this special for your friend, good luck!