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hartley Posts: 826
I went private with Dr Gaffney for the last lo, however she is on holidays when this one is due. Does anyone know what Prof Morrisons fees are?
honeymoonbaby Posts: 896
I am with Dr Gaffney and I have a friend with Prof Morrison, the fees are the same for both. I can't remember exactly but something around 3,200 + vhi. He is very nice I have had him a few times this pregnancy with emergencies when Dr Gaffney was on hols.
hartley Posts: 826
Thanks honeymoonbaby. He actually delievered my lo and I found him excellent. Because of the care I got from him during the birth, it was an emergency forceps in the theatre with episotomy and it was so well done I healed in less than a week. He's the reason I am going to go private again.
JLa Posts: 527
Hi there I'm with Michael O'Leary in Galway (he's in the same rooms as Gaffney & Morrisson) and I find him very good - saying that, I've only met him once and it's my first baby! But I have heard good reports about him in general if that helps. good luck!