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downwiththissortofthing Posts: 113
Hi all, I'm just wondering where I can book for a private scan as I'm going semi private in Holles st and not getting a scan with them until about 20 weeks. When I rang Holles st, the woman I spoke to said that I could go to Charlemont clinic, but they told me today that they don't do this type of scan, they just do scans to confirm pregnancy, not foetal scans (?). I haven't really got a clue what's going on :o0 I was hoping to get somewhere next week, I'll be 11 weeks then and want to tell our parents, but would love to have the scan first. Help please! :wv
under construction Posts: 3458
Hi downwiththissortofthing, i am going semi-private in Holles st and couldn't wait the 20 weeks either. I went for a private scan in Rathgar. The ladies name is Paula Tunney and i think she has a place in Swords aswell. Think the website is if not just google her name. They were really nice, im going back for my 3d scan in two weeks, can't wait :o)ll :o)ll Best of luck
Funky Posts: 49
Hi, Just wondering how many weeks you were and what you said to them to get the early scan..... Thanks
under construction Posts: 3458
I was 8 weeks and because its private and you are paying the fee of €100 they don't really ask you why you want it. Just when i was chatting to the girl doing the scan i said i just wanted it for reassurance and because there are twins on both mine and DH's sides of the family.