Purpley/Grey Bridesmaids?

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EilBla Posts: 110
Hi! Was wondering if anyone had this colour for their bms? I would love something more on the grey side though not a rich purple or anything.. What is the colour im looking for called? Aubergine looks a little too purple and charcoal a little grey O:| Any help greatly appreciated, I really want to put the same colour sash around my dress so thats why im kinda hung up on it :-8 ..
queen30 Posts: 1551
i was in bridal heaven in swords today lokoing at dessy dresses they have a colour called Concord and another one called amethyst which are both purpley grey. suggest going in to shops to look rather than just going by whats on line as the colours look completely different!
funnygirl22 Posts: 14
Omg Op - You sound exactly like me. I was looking for this exact same color and I didn't know what to call it, I think the best that I could come up with was a Lavender/Gray/Violet description. I wanted to put my bridesmaid in this color and have a matching sash but I coulnd't find a nice shade of this color anywhere so I ended up going with a blush pink for my bridesmaid...and I still haven't decided on a sash for my dress.I'm now thinking black or even a blush pink.Bit nervous about blush pink as I dont want anyone thinking I'm an overgrown flower girl! Where are you planning on getting your sash?
EilBla Posts: 110
I know funnygirl its proving to be rather tricky! Iv found a colour I kind of like now but it more on the charcoal lines.. looks good against white me thinks, its alfred angelo, alot darker in real life! Just going to get some chiffon material in the same colour and attach the jewels to it.. well I say me i mean dress maker :o0 .. Hope it works out :eek .. In an ideal world it should be similar to this, minus bow with vintage jewels : ... ide-wars/..
MrsKly Posts: 80
I love that dress was looking at it last week. Fab colour. Loads of wollies say the dress colours online are way different in real life alright. Will look great against white alright!