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groovee Posts: 529
Hi girls, Posted this in M&K too but someone here might know too.. I was thinking last night about the first feeds and first day or 2 with a new baby. I'll be bottle feeding and was wondering do I need to bring bottles to the hospital? I know I can get the cartons of formula so thats good anyway and I think we'll probably stock up on some of these for the first day at home. I think someone somewhere mentioned something about disposable bottles ( pre-sterilised) you can buy? but I havent seen any in shops? Does anyone know anything about this? I wouldnt mind doing this for a day or 2 at home til we get the hang of the sterilising and making formula etc. Thanks!
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
hiya the hospital will supply you with formula hun for your stay there, they are disposable, ask them for some more to bring home to keep you going for a day or 2, they gave me loads in the maternity, when we got home then, the following day, i bought some cartons for DD, and then on the 4th day, we started making up the formula :wv
Gingham Posts: 3014
The hospital will give you enough bottles for your stay,also they will give you a few extra to bring home. Also you can buy trays of these bottles in some hospitals in their shop. I gave ds sma gold and you can buy starter boxes with the same bottles as in hospitals in tescos and boots... they are expensive but handy for when baby is only drinking small amounts. I didn't have to make any bottles for the first week, which was a great help..