Question about annual leave when on maternity leave

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ms organised Posts: 1069
Just wondering if anyone could help please? I am intending to take some of the 16 weeks additional unpaid leave after the 26 weeks of maternity leave finishes. Does anyone know if you take your annual leave after the 26 weeks maternity leave or if this is taken after any unpaid leave? Thanks in advance :thnk
Wannabmama Posts: 299
Where I work you get your annual leave & bank holidays accrued before you start parental leave.
fredd Posts: 259
Where i work you have to take your unpaid leave and then your annual leave after that. We weren't allowed take it after maternity leave.
gopro Posts: 1801
If you are taking the unpaid tbris runs straight from the 26 weeks If you took annual leave yoid break the maternity part so you won't qualify for the credits on unpaid
Wannabmama Posts: 299
Sorry ms organised the others are right total baby brain here I was mixing up the unpaid maternity leave & parental leave.You must take the unpaid maternity leave directly after the 26weeks paid.
ms organised Posts: 1069
Thanks all :) :thnk