question about going private and shortfall after insurance??

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loopybride Posts: 169
hi i had my little girl in the coombe in feb and was public and although i wouldnt have a bad thing to say about the hosp or staff there and in naas i would like to go privately this time. in my last pregnancy i had problems with high blood pressure and was admitted numerous times before finally being induced at 37 weeks. im hoping this wont reoccur but if it does i dont think i cud face the 6 bedded wards again. im not a snob but on my admissions i was beside poor girls loosing their babies, heavily pregnant addicts goin nuts at nurses cos they wouldnt giv her more methadone night and day and then the rest of the time i was in wards where girls were in active labour throughout the day and night waiting to go to the labour ward and it did nothing for my blood pressure and anxiety levels. im looking at either coombe private or mount carmel. my insurance gives 4000 towards mount carmel accommodation and was wondering what the shortfall is for people?? cant find accomodation prices on the website! if anyone was admitted to coombe before delivery for obs etc were they admitted to the private ward or is that only post delivery?? thanks
BusyMom Posts: 717
Can't help you with the Coombe specifically - I'm going private for the 2nd time in Limerick at the moment. Here's how the costs breakdown... My private health insurance covers the cost of my accommodation completely (most hospitals charge ~€1000 per night for a private room - your hospital's website should list the costs of all their rooms per night) We pay our gyne €1000 three times during the pre-natal care (12 weeks, 24 weeks, 36 weeks) €3000 in total. Health insurance pays for the rest of his charges and other charges incurred in the hospital (Anaesthetist, Paediatrician, Radiologist and Pathologist) and also cover the extra accommodation costs if I end up staying the 5 nights post section. So in Limerick, what we pay directly to our gyne is what it costs us. This amount is valid to claim on a MED1 form that year too, so you get 20% of it back through the tax system, assuming you're eligible. Hope that helps you somewhat!
pag Posts: 633
No experience of private care but if your health insurance will pay for accommodation then it is just the consultant's fees that you will have to pay. These can vary from €2-4.5k. Usually (though it depends on your health insurance policy) you will get a small sum back for consultant (c.€500) and then the balance you can claim on the Med1 form which will give you 20% back. In Rotunda if you are admitted it will be to private care - provided there is space which you never know about. My friend is going private and has had some problems and has had to attend various clinics (day care/BP/Diabetes) - all these have been the PUBLIC clinics so she has had a fair amount of waiting around. AND she is still paying her consultant privately for her care.
gopro Posts: 1801
goin private in the Coombe will cost u 3-4k dependin on the consultant. your health insurance pays for the bed. you aren't guaranteed a private room it depends on if it's available as far as I remember from MC it'll cost u on top off your. 4k allowance another 4 k but could be more if ur kept extra night. are u classed as High risk? if it was me and i was high risk I'd stick to one of the main maternity hospitals
Diddums2 Posts: 106
I can't speak for the Coombe but I think in Holles St. private rooms are only for post-delivery mothers. If your worry is about being admitted pre-delivery I would definitely check with the hospital as to where you would be admitted before signing up for private care.
loopybride Posts: 169
ye if admitted pre delivery its a publcn ward or maybe semi private she said! so for me coombe is out privately anyway. il start costing mount carmel so otherwise its bak to the coombe public and hope for no admissions.