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angel01 Posts: 242
Hi All i am currently reading the what to expect when expecting - and its very good i have to say - very in depth i am also re-reading Jooles Olivers book but i wondered if you could recommend any other books to me? dont want to get inundated with buying reference books but wouldnt mind a true to the point read and guide book :-8 thanks ladies :thnk
fantac Posts: 4109
i really enjoyed the jools oliver book. i found the rough guide to pregnancy and birth very good - funny and realistic.
angel01 Posts: 242
hey snugglemuffin firstly LOVE the name :o)ll really ?? did you think it was a good read?? i might have to invest in that i want something that is going to tell it to me as it is and give me an honest what to expect idea :wv