Reviews of travel systems- how did you decide?

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cuisle Posts: 93
Hi all, Just wondering how you decided which travel system to get? I am 19 weeks and my parents are generously getting it for us but I wanted to do a bit of research in the hope that they can get it in the January sales...... So how did you decide????? Any help would be appreciated Cuisle :wv
madridsprog Posts: 272
we did a lot of research on the internet in terms of what we needed and the main things we were looking for, in the end however it came down to going to the shop and seeing how easy it was to operate. It worked out we changed our minds on the model we wanted as the one that had gotten our approval on the internet was not as easy to use as the one we bought in the end, we chose first on being able to travel easier with the model we wanted and it came with a foldable carrycot along with car seat and pushchair which faced both ways, also if I want to go home to Ireland for a weekend and take the babs with me i needed something sturdy for the airplane and something I could put up or down easily on my own!! we choose the concord neo in the end
Toblerone Posts: 2698
I did the same as Madridsprog - had decided what I wanted from the internet and reviews etc. Then went to a few shops with my wish list and the one we had in mind just wasn't what I wanted. I had a few necessities with weight being the biggest one followed by parent/outward facing which did reduce down the number we were looking at. We ended up with icandy cherry which we were lucky to get second hand so if it doesn't work out in reality with babs we won't have wasted too much money. I would def recommend going to the shops and getting demos on what is available based on your requirements. The best travel system is one that suits your lifestyle.