Round of drinks for the toast

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WohooJul09 Posts: 205
Hi are many people buying the round of drinks for the guests? We don't know what to do as we've been to a good few weddings over the last couple of years and its been hit or miss We are having wine at the meal and don't want to look mean if we don't do it Whats the general consensus???
ame10 Posts: 209
I don't think it looks mean if its not done and you are having wine. Im having a relative pay for the round of drinks for toast as its a nice guesture prob would be cutting it out otherwise as budget needs tightening. You could ask the hotel to make sure that there is a top up of wine for the toast.
Veruca-Salt Posts: 1542
I can never remember if there was or was not! So its a 'don't bother' from me! :o0
MRS.Q Posts: 558
We're not going to bother either.... At every wedding I seem to have 2-3 drinks infront of me when asked to place an order for toast.... Its such a waste especially when you are serving wine.....
xcited bride Posts: 359
not bothering either.. at wedding recently and they didn,t have toast and nobody noticed.. wine is plenty
cir Posts: 61
We were thinking of having mini bottles of wine as favours and then having a toast aswell. But I've been to a few weddings lately and mostly they either had one or the other.
gottabfp Posts: 5641
our hotel do a sparkiling wine reception drink, we asked could we use this for the toast instead, no problem, now i dont have to buy wine or a round :o)ll
WohooJul09 Posts: 205
I was thinking of having sparkling wine for the toast but what about the non drinkers? does it look very stereotypical giving them orange juice? nearly thinking we're as well to leave the whole thing well alone cos this may highlight the fact we not doing the round of drink Aargh!
wishin&hoping Posts: 3666
Just having wine for ours. Have asked the hotel to have squash on the table for non drinkers.
classygal Posts: 436
we gave sparkling wine for the toast and whatever the non drinkers wanted, I thought it was pretty much expected to get a drink to toast the speeches, especially amongst the elderly guests, but each to there own and it's your and H2B's wedding.