RYANAIR! no dress on board

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charli Posts: 5994
girls i am confused! everyone is saying it's ok to bring your dress on board - but i have just rnag Ryanair and they said no way you will be told to pack it if you show at the check-in with the dress not folded down into a bag with the dimensions of a lunch box(ok i am exaggerating a laptop bag!) but soooo many people have said you can take it on board - that the restrictions have eased etc, couple of girls in the bridal shop, so now i don't know thing is my dress isn't big or heavy so i am sure it'll be fine in a case of it's own and the hotel will steam it on the other side but ill crack up if i show up on the day and people are being allowed take suit bags onboard. anyone know anymore?or travel recently
clucky Posts: 26471
hello there charles yes i rang my airline and was told no bother bring it on board - got to check in and was told to pack it - it came out fine the other end though
charli Posts: 5994
yeah ill pack it i suppose - no big train or anything should be fine, fingers crossed ta
Mrs Knockers Posts: 3514
Oh lovely Ryanair!!!!!!!!! Flying with them to bournemouth tomorrow - can't wait to see what 'new' restrictions they've dreampt up! Hope they let you take your dress.
survivor Posts: 2507
Buy a suitcase for it. One of those hard ones that won't be squashed in the hold under the plane. Might as well be prepared as opposed to being all stressed out at the check in desk. Its very rare for Ryan air to be nice about anything so I'd definitely presume they'll make you check it in.
summer days Posts: 112
I took my dress on board with me.. flew Ryanair last May. I didn't mention I was bringing it on board.. didn't say anything at the check in desk and nobody made any comment at the gate. I even got a free seat for it on board (this was just luck). Hubby had his suit(s) with him too and there was no bother at all with any of it!! I hope you are as lucky.. I was flying from Shannon so they might have been a bit more relaxed about it!! :?
MrsH2Boct07 Posts: 274
It depends on where you are travelling from and to. The restrictions imposed on flights from the UK last month are still in place and you can not take a bag larger than a laptop case through security. You can also not take most fluids inc. makeup through security. This is not Ryanairs rule it is the UK governments. There is an expectation that these restrictions will be eased or removed after a meeting on Monday. An announcement is due on Monday afternoon.
AndBabyMakes3 Posts: 112
I fly with ryanair last weekend and i was reading the restrictions and one of them was that you couldnt bring a wedding dress on board (had to be packed) you couldnt even buy a seat for the dress
charli Posts: 5994
thanks girls - yes i have a hard shell case - it can go in there summer days i know lots of people that were able to bring dresses onboard before the new terrorist threats so (understandably) things are much tighter :( thanks anyway at least i am prepared x