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trying2hard Posts: 177
Still haven't got my apt for my scan ? Have my first history and bloods apt on wed, when will I have scan ?
23Daisy Posts: 416
Hey The scan is usually the following week after the first appointment. Have a look at the letter you got confirming your booking appointment, if it isn't mentioned on it I'd give them a ring.
bobby2012 Posts: 644
In the Coombe the dating scan is done at the booking appointment.
23Daisy Posts: 416
Mine was the week following my booking appointment, however my booking appointment was done in a midwives clinic, maybe it depends on whether you are located near one of the satellite clinics...
bobby2012 Posts: 644
Yeah sorry I meant if you attend the hospital itself.
Pom Pom Posts: 231
I had a scan on my first appt. and every other appt. too.
23Daisy Posts: 416
[quote="Pom Pom":1f28xot9]I had a scan on my first appt. and every other appt. too.[/quote:1f28xot9] As far as I know you need an appointment (I've always been given one) for a dating scan or an anomaly scan as they are performed in the ultrasound department not in the consultants office. The scans done in the consultants office aren't as good and therefore not used for the official scans. Maybe it varies depending on the type of care you opt for but that has been my experience (on domino scheme).
bobby2012 Posts: 644
I'm my 3rd time public in the Coombe and all times the dating scan was part of my first visit. Although it is done in the scan dept. you still don't get a special appointment for it, it's just part of the day's routine. You do the midwives/history, then blood, then scan, and if your consultant is in, you see him/her too. I only ever got a specific appointment for the anomaly scan and any follow ups to it (if the baby is not lying properly).
ohsotired Posts: 7071
My booking appointment was on a Monday and my dating scan was on a Friday - most people I know who go/went to the Coombe had it done this way. It did say in my letter that this was the case!
23Daisy Posts: 416
It must vary so. It's my second time public in the coombe and I've always been given an appointment for my scans, I remember ringing the first time because I didn't notice the reference to it on my letter and it was the following week after my first app. Although I did notice both times that I was called within 5 mins of checking in even though the waiting room was full which was great especially when I had a full bladder!