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dolldooks Posts: 27
Hi there I am starting to look for my shoes now and I know in my head what I want - I just need to find them now!! I like a very vintage style, not too high!! I love the Rachel Simpson ones - - but not so much the prices!! any idea where I can get similar ones?? or any good website or stores around Cork that sell these types of shoe please?!! Thanks! x
Curunina Posts: 83
Have you tried Brocade and Lime on Cornmarket Street?
dolldooks Posts: 27
No, but good idea! I will try there, thanks for replying!
E.Rose Posts: 188
Regarding vintage style and not too high, I went with the I vory Janets from Remix shoes on line; there's also Saint Savoy, but they don't have white, but unfortunately they are pricey though; hitting €200. I saw Rachel Simpsons in the window of Amity on French Church St, don't know the price though
dolldooks Posts: 27
Thanks so much I'll try there! Otherwise it looks like I'm travelling to limerick or Dublin! The things we do for shoes!!
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I know they're dear but Rachel Simpson shoes are worth every penny. I wore Mimi on my wedding day and they were so so comfy! I've worn them loads since too!
notthebride Posts: 172
Op I got mine from Elegant Steps. - they are on online site but they do have a shop in Liverpool. I happened to be going there for a weekend so was able to try them on. But the size I had picked out online was the size that fit.
maybride2017 Posts: 232
Hi I know this might seem random but look online or in dance stores for Latin Ballroom dancing shoes, there style looks vintage, they generally have a lower heal and they will defiantly be comfortable for a full day and dancing!