Shoulder Pain

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Honee Posts: 3
Hi Girls Not a regular poster here but thought the advice & support I have read over in TTC has been great and has indeed paid off as we got our BFP this weekend. :o)ll We are chuffed to bits. However, I seem to be having severed shoulder pain just under my right shoulder blade alot over the weekend.. If I hadn't got my BFP i would have just thought I sprained it or something but now i am worried about the pregancy being ectopic as I know shoulder pain is a sign of it. Am I a bit OTT? Any body else have this?
Sphynx Posts: 6795
yes, shoulder pain can be a sign of an ectopic but it could also be pure coincidence - don't assume the worst -it's so easy to get carried away with every little twinge when pregnant! When are you going to see your GP? If you still have it when you go, definitely discuss it with him/her. Congratulations on your BFP! :o)ll