so little movement past few days!!!!!

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babs76 Posts: 1000
I'm 23 weeks tomorrow and for the past few weeks i have been feeling the little "pops" etc and these have developed into more defined movements in the past week or two - this week though, baby seems very still and it's freaking me out - usually baby moves after brekkie and in the afternoon and when i sit down on the sofa in the evenings and while sometimes i think i feel something, they are definitely not as defined or as strong or as frequent as I'm used too - I'm terrified there is something wrong would it be OTT to go to the doc to check with the doppler?? this whole movement / lack of movement is scary
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Could you try some chocolate or fizzy drinks first? It could be that baby has moved and is moving internally which could account for you not feeling much. Also I found that there were v quiet times esp just after a growth spurt. That all said, if you are worried give your GP/midwife a ring.
hugo087 Posts: 315
I agree with tobelorone my gp told me that your are supposed to fell at least 10 kicks every 12 hours! She said if I was worried that I havent felt any kicks to lie on my side and drink a can of coke, one day i was really worried and did this and the baby started kicking like mad! If your are still worried thought definately go see your gp! Hope by the time you read this post your baba will be kicking you like mad!
bunnyhop1 Posts: 419
Please try not to panic...I find if Im stressed or really busy baba goes really quiet!! I second the cold fizzy drink and put ur feet up in front of the TV that should work :lvs :lvs Bunny :o)ll :o)ll
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
hugo87 that is not until the third trimester. at 23 weeks it is still far too early to be expecting that kind of fetal movement. My movements are still very light and I could go days without anything. babs76 go to the doc by all means if it will put your mind at rest but I'm sure everything is fine. It's still early days for us - I'm sure we will be black and blue in a few weeks time. :wv
Fairywings Posts: 360
I remember going through a awful period of worry on my first DD at the 25 wk mark. I was so worried and remember crying cause baby had gone all quite, anyway I had a scan and all was perfect and I remember Dr saying if I was ever worried to make sure I went in for a scan, no problem. But it is normal that baby can quiten down for some periods. Also try eating ice chips, I know if you are in the hospital and they want to wake baby up for monitoring, they get you to eat ice chips.
babs76 Posts: 1000
Thanks for the replies girls, this web site is great. I went to the doc at lunch time (it was either that or drive myself and poor DH demented going on about it!!) and she put the Doppler on me and I could hear the heart beat beating away – doc said it was very strong. She felt my stomach and she said that she couldn’t feel feet and hands (whereas she did the last time) so she said that its more than likely that the baby is facing inwards as it’s still small enough to do this. It’s apparently a lot harder to feel the movements if the baby is kicking inwards as its’ out towards your back She recommended to drink a cold drink or put my hand in cold water for a while and then put it on my tummy (they hate the cold – feel awful doing that though!) Baby has been giving a few kicks since I got back (thank God). Its stressful with the movement but I read in a few of the books (and gynae told me same) that I definitely shouldn’t be counting kicks this early – only from 28 weeks onwards Thanks again for the replies, hope all your pregnancy’s are going well