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bree Posts: 1880
taut id start this as its been mentioned indirectly on a few threads previously! Does anyone else have a really sore Bum? I am getting the odd bit of constipation ( or constipitation as DH says!! hehe) & its leaving me with really sore bum-hole..real itchy ( i know TMI ! ) !!! PS-if anyone who i am meetin up with about my wedding gear reads this pls ignore if i turn puce!!!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Yes I'm with you on the sore bum though it's v. early for that (9 weeks). Dunno if it's constipation or what. To make matters worse, I have a touch of thrush in my "front bum" so it's itching all around (literally). The only thing that helps the bum is using Silcox Base as a soap in the shower (shower gel irritates my poor bum) and smearing it on as a cream at night (it's worst in bed). It's really soothing but it's not going to clear the problem up. Anyone got any tips?
Mama Smurf Posts: 1447
:yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: oh girls thats so funny. sorry I know its horrible though having an itchy bum whether it be front or back. How about some Sudocream. i'm sure there stuff in the chemist if you asked one of the girls in there.
bree Posts: 1880
yeah i havent been using anything & prob should .. your right about it being worse in bed!! heading to GP today at mid-day re-urine/glucose so might mention it to him ( but really dont feel like a bum poking today !)... .. by the way in reference to yer post yesterday , at 12wks i had alittle bleedin as u described.. it was at the airport on our way on honeymoon ( we were in London when i noticed it )so rang Doc who told me 2go anyway.. he was right & it ended up being a cut inside me as a result of slight thrush... ( i think ya get everything when yer pregnant ! )
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Hi Bree - my doctor is always very reluctant to poke at anything! Which is great. My last doctor was a great poker. You can get Silcox Base without prescription anyway - it's great for any kind of itching. Think I will try some sudocreme as well as Hairy Molly suggested. By the way I know that piles can also cause itching and I think you can get something over the counter for that too. And that's very interesting what you said about bleeding and thrush - that may well be what happened alright.
Sparklymum Posts: 1563
The constipation thing goes with it so does piles I'm afraid but I've been lucky have gotten away without it so far, she says banging her head off the desk to make sure she's touched wood. I eat breakfast everymorning and what I've been doing is putting a handful of bran flakes into my dish of cornflakes each day. The whole trick is to keep yourself regular (sound like my granny). I couldn't eat a full dish of bran (cardboard) but a handful through the cornflakes is great. Oats are good too they help with heartburn and also the fibre should help stop the constipation. The thrush I can't tell you anything about I'm afraid.
grumpy Posts: 1280
Yup, helping things along the way is the best solution, so lots of fruit and veg as well as all the things sparklymum mentioned. For the itch, I'm slathering on the calamine lotion!! It does sting a little after a minute, but get through that (only another minute or so), and then you feel nothing! Now, this is WAY TMI, but if you get any prolapsing piles (popping out from the inside), you need to push 'em back in - just use the loo paper for that. Don't strain while going to the toilet, as this will make things much worse. And drink lots of fluid, well, for obvious reasons! Get something from the doctor towards the end of your pregnancy though, cos they are just gonna get worse :o( . And if you're giving birth vaginally, all that pushing will ensure they really kill you afterwards :eek
MORPH Posts: 22
when your constipated that can cause a stingy bum :hyper: bit (fiser) I had it pretty sore and the thing that cured it was using anusol from the chemist. And then to stop it coming back I started eating a small bowl of All Bran every morning and now havent had any problems since. Kiwis are good too.